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10 tips for managing diabetes

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1. Monitor blood glucose levels everyday

If you have diabetes, you need to monitor your blood glucose levels every day. Some people do not like it, but it is very much essential. It is the only way to know if you have your diabetes under control. Several factors can affect your blood glucose level such as, medications, illness, activity level and stress. If you do not check, how would you know if your diabetes is under control or not.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a very important part of diabetic people. It is very effective in controlling your diabetes. Exercise will help you by reducing your body fat and helping in weight loss. It will also improve your blood sugar control besides improving the response to insulin. Just 30 minutes of exercise every day will keep your diabetes under control.

3. Quit Smoking

Quit smoking because it increases the possibility of diabetes. If you already have diabetes it will worsen the complications associated with diabetes. Smoking will increase your blood glucose levels and will also reduce the size of your blood vessels. It also increases the possibility of several other health problems including kidney disease, nerve damage and heart disease.

4. Take medicines

If your doctor advised you take some medicines for diabetes, you need to take them as directed. If you neglect your medicine you may not notice any change but the symptoms of this disease are silent. If you do not take your medicines, it may create dangerous press of other problems such as heart disease, nerve damage etc.

5. Brush and floss

You need to brush your teeth and floss regularly. If you have diabetes, you will have high levels of glucose in your blood but you will also have high levels of glucose in your saliva. It increases the risk of dental decay. Diabetic people need more time to fight infections in the gums and teeth and so you need to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

6. Reduce carbohydrates

Glucose and other carbohydrates are not good for you if you’re suffering from diabetes and so you need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. However, you cannot completely eliminate carbohydrates from your diet because that will cause other problems.

7. Keep a food record

It may sound very difficult but actually it is not. The food record will help you to gain control over your blood sugar and weight. The food record will help you to see what you eat, when you eat and at what time you feel hungry.

8. Treat sleep apnea

If you are suffering from sleep apnea or daytime sleepiness, you need to see a doctor and get it fixed. People with diabetes are more prone to this problem and it can cause insulin resistance thereby making it very difficult to control diabetes. If you suffer from unusual sleepiness during the day, you need to go see your doctor.

9. Restrict alcohol

If you consume alcohol, you need to restrict your alcohol consumption. Drink only in moderation. Drinking in moderation reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. People who already have diabetes need to be very careful with alcohol because it can affect your blood glucose levels.

10. Proper foot care

You need to be very serious with your foot care. Diabetes can result in neuropathy or nerve damage. It starts in the feet and so if you take good care of your feet, then you will be safe. You can wash your feet in warm water everyday and dry them using a clean and soft towel. You have to thoroughly examine your feet every day to find any swelling, blisters, sores, bruising, calluses and other problems.



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