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5 things you need to know about pole dancing

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Pole dancing is becoming more and more popular. It not only gives you the best shape of your life, but also makes you look sexier. Both mental and physical benefits are there in pole dancing. It is a dance form which is available for both men and women. It includes both sports and dance. Pole dancing can completely change your life. Before you decide for or against pole dancing, you need to know a few things. The following five points will help you to get a better idea about pole dancing.


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(1) Most pole dancers are in the best shape of their lives

If you did not know, pole dancing is like a full body workout. You can consider it as cardio and resistance training in one. You have to be very fit and flexible to become a good pole dancer. In, pole dancing, acrobatic tricks are done by the dancers. When you become a pole dancer, you will look and feel the best because your body will change. Age doesn’t matter because all the pole dancers of different ages are in the best shape of their lives.

(2) Different types of pole dancing

When you hear the word pole dancing, it does not mean only the type which is performed in strip clubs. But it is not the only pole dancing type. There are three main branches of pole dancing- arts, sport, and sexy.

People are pushing for pole to become an Olympic event. Serious athletes are performing different athletic and sport like death defying tricks. There are also showing their athletic abilities using pole dancing. There are people who are focusing on the artistic side of pole dancing.

(3) Men can pole dance

Men can and are doing pole dance. The number of men trying pole dance is increasing every year. There are even competition for men. Men are ideal candidates for this sport because they have a natural inclination towards upper body strength. Chinese pole and Mallakhamb or forms of which have been perform exclusively by man throughout history.

(4) Pole dancing can be dangerous without proper training

Even though it seems fun, you have to be careful while doing it. You need to understand that this is an athletic thing and it demands strength, flexibility and other many things. You need to develop all of them before you can become a good pole dancer. Proper training will ready you for the challenges you are going to face in pole dancing. Improper technique or overtraining can result in shoulder or back pain. You need to learn it from certified instructors. You should never learn it yourself. When you learn from experience and experts, it becomes much easier for you.

(5) Pole dancing is emotionally healing

Many people come to pole dancing because it helps them emotionally. It definitely offers many physical benefits, but it also offers several other emotional benefits. When you master a move or when you are able to express an emotion perfectly, the feeling that you receive cannot be described in written words. You get a different type of joy when you are able to perform pole dancing as you want.

Dancing also helps you to control your stress. You can dance out any emotion while performing pole dancing. It is a combination of artistic and athletic skill and so it cannot be compared to any other form of sport of dance. It is considered as something in which both dance and sport are woven together.

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