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7 ways to solve gas problem

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1. Avoid foods which cause gas

If you know that some specific foods cause gas, then you should avoid those foods. Some of the most common foods causing gas are some fruits such as pears and apples, whole grains like bran, vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and onions, dairy products including milk, ice cream and cheese. Most of these products contain sugars, starches and fiber. Such products are not digested easily and they cause intestinal gas.

The foods that contain sorbitol, which is a naturally occurring sugar, often result in gas. Sorbitol is mostly found in fruits. Some people also suffer from gas problem caused by carbonated soft drinks and fruit drinks. In that case, it is important to avoid such foods. Any food that is causing the gas problem for you should be eliminated from your diet. In case you cannot eliminate it completely, you should eat the food in small portions.

It is possible that any food you eat or combination of foods can result in gas problem. Different people have problems with different foods. Some may have problem when they eat fruits with proteins, some others may have problems being proteins and starches together.

2)  Use over-the-counter digestive aids

It's okay to use over-the-counter digestive aids. You can take digestive enzymes in the form of supplements. You will be able to find out rapidly if they make a difference. Antacids may not be beneficial for excessive gas. You can also try other over-the-counter digestive aids which contain enzymes that help your body to digest sugar in different fruits and vegetables. You can add them on your food after cooking because heating them will destroy the enzymes present in such products.

3) Drink before meals

It is always good to drink before meals. You should not drink liquids with your meals. If you drink liquids while eating, you lose the stomach acids. And if these acids are not present, breakdown of the food you ate will not happen completely. That is why if you need to drink, drink 30 minutes before you take your meal. It will help you to digest your food better.

4) Do not fill up on air

If your stomach is full with air, it will lead to gas problem. Smoking, drinking, chewing gum are some of the ways through which air may get into your stomach. If you want to avoid gas problem, you need to restrict such practices. People with severe gas problem stop smoking, chewing gum and drinking.

5) Eat and drink slowly

Eating or drinking fast can result in gas problem because when you eat or drink fast it is possible that you also swallow a lot of air. Such air can cause gas problem. That is why you should eat slowly. People who wear dentures, should be careful not to gasp air when they eat. If you have dentures, talk to your dentist to avoid such problems.

 6) Avoid artificial sweeteners

Sorbitol and other sugar alcohols are present in different sugar free foods. They can cause and aggravate the gas problem. You will find sorbitol in all the brands of sugar free gums. However, this sugar substitute that you see in a normal coffee stand or even in the soft drink that you like may not cause gas. Yellow, blue and pink packet sweeteners are also not associated with gas problem.

7) Use activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has the capacity to reduce excess gas and bloating. Activated charcoal is safe for human consumption because it goes through a special treatment. You can take it in pill or liquid form.


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