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Protein shake with milk or water?

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If you want to build muscles and look better, you need protein. You need protein before during and after a workout. When you start consuming more protein you feel and see the difference.

However, there is a dilemma. Should you mix your protein powder with water or milk? Which can help you to get better results. This is a question that comes up for anyone from newcomers to pro athletes. This is a question that is also crucial for people who are trying to lose weight besides trying to build muscles.

Milk or water?

Both have different and several benefits. Let's find out if it matters.

Water protein shake

Water is calorie-free. The major benefit of consuming your protein with water may be more beneficial when you are trying to lose weight. When you consume your protein powder with water, it is like consuming the true diet version because water does not add any calories.

When you are trying to manage your weight while getting your protein, water should be a choice. When you mix one scoop of Everest protein powder with water, you are getting about 110 cal.

When you consume protein with water, you are also not getting the carbohydrates present in milk. You need carbohydrates and fats not only for muscle gain but for also the maintenance of general health. Milk will also contain fat. And your body needs fat. But if you need only protein from your protein shake and do not need carbs and fat, then you need to use water.

A good protein powder will taste great with other milk or water and so you don't have to worry about the flavor if you want to drink your protein powder with water.

Milk protein shake

If you trying to gain muscle including lean muscle you will have some serious advantages from consuming your protein shake with milk. Milk contains casein and whey, which are the two high-quality proteins. These two proteins are available in a ratio of 80:20 ratio.

Way protein has a fast digestion rate and it is perfect for you once you complete your workout because it will help you to refuel your muscles. On the other hand, a casein protein present in milk digests at a slow and steady rate. It will fuel muscle protein synthesis for extended periods of time.

So, it means that when you add your protein powder to milk, you are getting some extra and crucial proteins. Every cup of milk will help you to get 8 g of protein which is extra. When you mix it with a scoop of protein powder, you may be able to get more than 30 g of protein all in one.

Milk can also directly help your muscles to recover and rebuild what's your complete rigorous and extraneous strict workout. It will help you to build lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass can offer you several benefits besides helping you to look muscular. It can help you to manage body fat and calorie balance and can reduce the risk of diseases and common problems.

That is why milk is the obvious source for anyone who is trying to build muscles. It is especially good for hard gators who are struggling to get enough muscle mass to change their body time. Milk is also a good source of fats and carbohydrates which can help you to achieve this. Carbohydrates can help you to build size and aid muscle recovery after a workout.

Milk Can also improve the taste of your protein shake and satisfy sweet tooth cravings and make you feel more full.
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