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Best snacks with protein

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If you need to eat snacks do not go for the afternoon chips or chocolate because they are full of carbohydrates. You can always go for some healthy snacks. You can eat them before hitting the gym or taking a mid-day snack break. High-protein snacks will not only help you with lasting energy boost, but they will also help your body by providing the important macronutrient protein.

When you choose something protein packed, you'll be surprised at how little you need to eat to feel full. Besides that you're also getting a good supply of protein which is an important nutrient that helps keep you full for longer. When you ensure that your snacks have protein in them, you can prevent mindless munching during the day and stop simply adding empty calories to your diet. You can always wear protein rich ingredients with foods that offer healthy fats and fibre because they are also important for your body.

Cottage cheese toast

Toast can be high-protein snack which you can enjoy in the morning, noon and night. Use your favourite whole-grain toast as a base and then use full fact cottage cheese along with little bit of honey and cinnamon.

Chia seeds pudding

Chia seeds contain good amount of protein and he can make a simple and tasty chia seeds pudding. It can also add a little bit of blueberry to get more benefit out of it. You'll get protein, fibre and healthy fats. It is very easy to prepare any can carry it with you without any problem. Use unsweetened almond milk, chia seeds, little bit of honey and fresh blueberries. If you like you can also add a little bit of Greek yogurt.

Microwave eggs

If you want a quick snack but with high-protein, you can always go for microwaved eggs. It hardly takes a few minutes and there are three different ways that you can eat it using your microwave machine. Poached, scrambled or quiche. Try whatever way you like it.

Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt can be a very tasty and beneficial snack for you. Use a little bit of plain yogurt, at some orange blossom honey or any honey and toasted sesame seeds. It's a very interesting flavour and it will offer you enough protein which will keep you satisfied four hours.


Another very easy and quickly available snack for you is almonds. Get some pure and simple almonds and it can be your go to source of protein. You can have them on the go. You can easily carry almonds anywhere including your office or anywhere outside.

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Generally we throw out pumpkin seeds but they can be a very interesting and tasty protein packed snack for you. A simple 2 ounce of pumpkin seeds can offer you 10 g of protein. You will find pre-roasted pumpkin seeds in the grocery store or will also find the raw seeds which you can then roast at 300 degrees for 45 minutes.

Try one popular protein snack- Quest Nutrition- High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly cookie dough protein bar that will provide you with 21 g of protein, 14 g of fibre and only for gram of net carbs and 1 g of sugar. You will get complete, dairy-based proteins which will provide your body with nine essential amino acids. It is a comfort food for any time cravings.