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How to choose a medical alert system

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Medical alert system is also referred to as a personal emergency response system or medical emergency response system. It is a very crucial tool that can provide more independence for loved ones and at the same time more peace of mind for family members and caregivers.

There are many types of medical alert system is available that are offered by different brands. How do you choose the best one for your situation?

What do you need it to do?

What do you want your medical alert system to do?

For detection

False or perhaps the most common reason why people look for a medical alert system. More than one in five falls can cause an injury and millions of people suffer from faults every year.

Call for help

There are medical alert devices available that come with help buttons. By simply pressing the button the patient can connect with a life person at a response centre or to emergency services. When pressed, the button sensor signal to a base unit connected to a phone that makes the cold.

Medical monitoring

Some of the medical alert systems are also capable of monitoring vital signs and provide medication reminders.


Most of the mobile medical alert systems can be used anywhere where cellular services are available.

Location detection and tracking

These devices come with GPS and so they are useful in locating your loved ones.

Daily check-in services

Some monitoring companies and devices will check in with your loved ones every day through a life phone call or electronically.

Activity and fitness tracking

Some of the systems have features like step counters to monitor healthy activity and fitness goals.

What kind of equipment will work best?

Is it wearable?

Won't you like to choose a device that is comfortable for your loved ones? You need a device that do not have sharp edges for scrap materials that may irritate fragile skin. The device should be unobtrusive and attractive if the person needs to wear it regularly.

Is it fully waterproof?

A fully waterproof device is always better. Then you can wear it in the shower or immerse in water, even though that maybe by accident. Many faults happen in the bathroom and kitchen and that is why this feature is critical.

What's the range?

In case of an in home system, you need to find out how far the wearable help button can be from the base unit and still operate. If the range is not high enough, that could be a real problem. Your loved one, for whom you are buying the device, may fall in the yard or garage or several rooms away from the base of the alert system.

How is the battery life?

Check about the charging method and the battery life. A good battery life is always better. The charging system should be simple enough for even the elderly person.

How easy is it to set up?

The device should be easy to set up. If there is a base unit or console, you may need more than want to cover the entire home and the yard. Ask about that. Also find out if the unit will sit on a table or will be wall mounted. Is it plug-in or battery operated? Does it need the landline to operate? Does it work with a cellular network?

Finding out answers to these questions will help you to find a better suited medical alert system for yourself and your loved ones.

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