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Medical alert systems can be very useful for elders. They sometimes may need emergency medical attention and these alert systems can help them to get the necessary medical attention at the right time.

Many people aged 65+ experience related injuries. They also need emergency medical assistance due to different medical conditions that they might have. The situation can be critical if they are living alone. In that case a medical alert system can be life-saving.

Generally there are two types of emergency medical alert systems available “ 

1) In-home products

These products come with advanced technology that can offer 24 x 7 protection. They work with a landline or a cellular network. They also have a several-hour backup battery which is very useful in case of a power outage.

2) On the go devices

These mobile alert devices can help you to live a better life. They are full of important features like automatic Fall Detection. They are lightweight and discrete. These devices often have GPS and Wi-Fi which can ensure your location so as to direct the help when necessary.

How does a medical emergency alert system work?

With a few steps, you can get immediate help whenever necessary.

Press the alert button

The device that you are wearing has a medical alert button. They generally have clear, easily pressed buttons which can connect you to a medical monitoring centre within seconds. It helps you to get fast and reliable responses because you are connected to a highly trained emergency operator instantly. It is also good for you because you get clear reception everywhere and you do not have to wait to get the cellular service to connect to the emergency operator. Most of the devices that are used here are comfortable and durable. They are lightweight, waterproof wearable devices that are powered by long-lasting batteries.

These devices are generally usable anywhere you are. The in-home systems that are available in medical alert systems have a large signal range. It means even when you're outside and away from the in-home system, you can still stay connected well to the emergency medical alert system.

Connecting to the medical monitoring centre

With the help of the device that you are wearing, you can easily connect to the medical monitoring center and explain your situation. It offers 24 seven protection because it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you push the alert button on your medical guardian device, It will immediately connect you to an expert who will help you to get the help that you need even when it is an emergency or not. Most of these operators are experts who receive intensive training to handle different types of situations.

Receive immediate assistance

If there is an emergency, you need a quick response. The operator in the medical monitoring system will immediately dispatch emergency personnel to your location if needed. Many of these systems can also call your designated phone number to confirm your well-being if they are not able to hear you through your device. This can be life-saving. If the medical monitoring center is not able to reach you, they will send emergency medical services to ensure your safety.

The trained operators can also  Alert family members, neighbors, or friends in your care circle. Medical Guardian offers an excellent medical alert system for seniors. Now you can get the #1 rated medical alert system with a discount. You can buy on the go systems or home systems as per your need.