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Buyers guide to medical alert systems

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Sometimes choosing a medical alert system can be overwhelming for people. Many of us are not sure where to start. This guide will help you to find the best option for your lifestyle so that you can get the maximum benefit from such a system.

Do you need it?

Do you need a medical alert system? While considering a medical alert system for yourself or for someone you love, you may feel that it is not necessary right now. Sometimes the cost may be a big factor. However, enjoying the freedom and protection of the medical alert system can be very affordable.

70% of people aged 65 and older eventually need to invest in a form of long-term care. But there are limits to different insurance coverage and long-term care insurance can be very costly. Instead of that, you can find medical alert systems that will help you to live your life peacefully.

If you are not very comfortable with the idea of using a medical alert system, you're not alone. Many people find it uncomfortable when the talks about a medical alert system arise.

Is it embarrassing?

Many people do not want to use such a medical alert system because they think it is embracing to use. However, there are many find products available that are small, lightweight, and discrete. For example, Medical Guardian's wearable devices are lightweight, discrete, and small. They are completely invisible when you wear them under clothing or when you flip them inside a purse. Many of these devices are like a stylish smartwatch and you have nothing to be embarrassed about while using them.

I don't need it

Many people believe that they don't need it. However, as we get older, accidents and other unexpected health concerns can become increasingly likely. According to research, each year one in four people age 65 or older suffers a fall. When you fall once, the chance of falling again increases. Hard in your bank, suffering from vertigo and other accidents may also happen with age. This is why you need a medical alert system that can ensure your safety.

It is possible to get help immediately and 90% of older adults who get help within an hour can return home and resume their lives immediately. By using a medical alert system, you are being proactive and that ensures that in case of an accident, you can get healthy as soon as possible.

It won't fit my lifestyle

The devices that are used nowadays are designed with all lifestyles in mind. You can use them while relaxing at home, working out at the gym, going out, visiting a doctor, or in a social gathering.

It is too expensive

Cost is definitely a very important element here. However, if you do not invest in a medical alert device the cost that you may incur in the future can be more devastating than investing in one such device. According to experts the first hour after a fall is known as the golden hour. When people receive medical attention during this critical time, it can dramatically decrease medical costs and increase survival rates. After the first hour, treatment of the patient may become risky and it is more likely to result in the need for costly long-term care and rehabilitation.

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