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Health Benefits of Supplements during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can take a great toll on you. From morning sickness, feeling fatigued, having food cravings, to the use of supplements, the experience is one of a kind. Walking down the aisle of supplements at the pharmacy can be overwhelming with all the many choices. This is why you require to walk the journey with a San Antonio OB/GYN specialist by your side. Without the guidance of a registered specialist, it can be confusing to choose your best option due to the high number of brands offered in the market.

Establishing your need for supplements

When you become pregnant, your nutritional needs increase due to fetus development; if you are pregnant with twins or triplets, this can significantly further increase your need for supplements. It becomes challenging for you to get your nutritional requirements from a standard diet, which is why it is essential to consult your physician to recommend a supplement plan. 

Your gynecologist will recommend you start with a prenatal vitamin when trying to conceive. After conception, you will also be required to use supplements throughout your pregnancy and into the postpartum stage. Your registered dietitian will help you settle on a supplement that takes into account your unique factors such as underlying medical conditions, medication, and your health condition.

Differences between mineral supplements and vitamin

Vitamin supplements can contain single or multiple vitamins such as vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12. However, mineral supplements contain a single variant such as iron, magnesium, or calcium. Most prenatal supplements contain both minerals and vitamins, and their dietary composition closely resembles that of real food.

How effective are supplements? 

Supplements have plenty of health benefits when taken in the right amounts. For instance, folic acid supplements promote healthy spinal cord development in the fetus, while iron supplements help prevent and treat anemia during pregnancy. A healthy diet is vital to help in mineral and vitamin absorption. Getting guidance from a dietician during pregnancy is crucial to help establish your nutritional needs and amounts.

What to be on the lookout for when picking supplements 

It is essential that you choose a supplement that has been tested for purity, safety, and composition by reputable third party organizations such as USP (U.S. Pharmacopeial?Convention) or NSF International. If you choose to use herbal supplements, you should discuss its efficacy with your dietitian.  Your dietitian will also advise you on which regiment contains all your nutritional requirements in the right amounts.

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