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CBD Oil for Asperger’s Syndrome: What You should Know

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CBD Oil for Asperger's Syndrome

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol [CBD] is a natural supplement that is extracted from hemp. CBD is not psychoactive, unlike the THC that's found in marijuana. CBD also doesn't make one high or cause impairment. In addition, it can be used in regular dosage without causing overdose, addiction, or dependence.

This makes CBD an effective and healthy way to treat and manage some diseases daily without having the severe side effects that come with prescription medications. CBD interacts with the body's natural endocannabinoid system. If you want to grow high quality cannabis indoors, you can get autoflowering cannabis seeds from any reliable supplier.

CBD can affect everything from brain functioning, immune tissues, and hormone balances.  Cannabidiol is continuing to gain massive popularity across the world. Some countries have already legalized it. CBD is now legal in Canada, parts of Europe, and the United States.

Researchers say CBD is going to be the next big thing as far as treating and managing ailments is concerned. It has shown great potential in relieving pain, treating anxiety and depression, treating insomnia, treating cancer, etc. CBD can either be used directly or be used in food and drinks, lotions, topical rubs, beauty products, or vaporizers.

What is Asperger's Syndrome?

Asperger's syndrome is a mild form of autism. According to a recent survey, 1 out of 59 people in the United States has autism.  Several genetic and environmental factors cause this developmental disorder.

Asperger's syndrome patients have strong intellectual and strong abilities more than people with a more severe form of autism. Asperger's syndrome comes with plenty of challenges such as anxiety, depression, and difficulty with conversation, hypersensitivity to sound, light, and taste.

This condition affects people differently. The symptoms may improve with age, or they may even disappear. Anger management, cognitive behavioral therapy, support groups, family therapy, and psychotherapy, are some of the things that can help autism patients to socialize and function well.

  • Symptoms of Asperger's syndrome

Some of the Asperger's syndromes include

  1. Depression

    Children and teenagers with Asperger's syndrome usually have it hard with keeping friends or making new friends. Their social skills are limited, and they are also short-handed in creating close connections. Not knowing how to express emotions or feelings can be quite devastating. People with Asperger's syndrome are more likely to sink into depression because of their limited social support.

  2. Anxiety

    The amygdala [which controls fear response] in Asperger's patients is usually dysregulated.  A dysregulated amygdala can cause anxiety. Amygdala can detect threats, and alert the body, hence keeping you in check. For Asperger's syndrome patients, that means they are always anxious and alert. It can be very stressing since these patients don't know how to express their feelings and emotions.

  3. Social anxiety

    It is worth noting that even though anxiety and social anxiety are similar, it is possible to have one and not the other, or you can have both of them. Asperger's syndrome patients are likely to suffer from low self-esteem and social isolation since they have limited social skills.

Conventional Asperger's Treatment

Even though there is no cure for Asperger's syndrome, early treatment can have significant results in helping children to reach their full potential. Some of the conventional treatment includes

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy

    Cognitive behavioral therapy [CBT] can help your child to change his or her way of thinking, allowing him or her to control his/her emotions and repetitive behaviors. The child will learn how to get a handle on things such as obsessions, outbursts, and meltdowns.

  2. Speech-language therapy

    Speech-language therapy can help your kid to improve his or her communication skills. He or she will learn how to hold a two-way conversation and understand social cues such as eye contact or hand gestures. He or she will also learn how to use a normal up-and-down pattern instead of a flat tone when speaking.

  3. Social skills training

    It can happen in a one-on-one session or a group. The therapist teaches your child how to express themselves or interact with others in a more appropriately.

  4. Parent education and training

    In parent education and training, the parent is taught the same techniques his or her child has been taught so that the parent can work on social skills with the child at home.

  5. Medication

    Currently, there are no drugs that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] that specifically treat Asperger's syndrome. However, there are medicines that can help to manage Asperger's symptoms such as depression or anxiety.

These medicine include

  • Antipsychotic drugs
  • Stimulant drugs
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors [SSRIs]

How can CBD be used to treat Asperger's?

CBD has shown great potential in treating Asperger's. First, CBD works as an antipsychotic, meaning it can help to regulate the brain functions that control mood, perception, and thinking, which can help Asperger's patients live a normal life. 

What does research say about CBD oil for Asperger's Syndrome?

Studies have indicated that CBD oil may serve as a rightful treatment for Asperger's syndrome. Apart from clinical drugs, researchers have found that a good percentage of children with Asperger's syndrome have been successfully treated with CBD oil. But more in-depth studies are still needed to provide scientific proof on the effects on Cannabidiol and cannabis oil as a legitimate treatment for Asperger's syndrome.

How can CBD help to mitigate symptoms of Asperger's syndrome?

 CBD can help to mitigate symptoms of Asperger's symptoms in the following ways.

  • Use of CBD for depression

Depression is one of the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome. CBD can help to manage this condition. It has anti-depressant properties, and it can also help enhance the production of a chemical responsible for neurogenesis.

  • Managing anxiety

Anxiety occurs when the amygdala is overactive or dysregulated. Several studies have shown that CBD oil can help to manage anxiety by regulating amygdala activities. It can also help to reduce repeated anxious thoughts or over thinking. These two benefits can really help an Asperger's patient to live a more normal life.

  • Managing social anxiety

Just like CBD helps with anxiety, it can also help with social anxiety. CBD has the potential to lower the heart rate and also lower the level of discomfort. That will lead to improved social engagement and make Asperger's patients feel more comfortable around people.

Final thoughts

The notion of using CBD oil to treat Asperger's syndrome is continuing to gain popularity within the autism community. Autism speaks hosted a first scientific conference in 2018 in New York City. The conference was all about Asperger's syndrome and cannabis, and it addressed the need for more research on the effects of cannabis on Asperger's Syndrome. There is a lot of evidence that indicates that CBD oil can effectively treat Asperger's syndrome and other forms of autism.