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What You Did Not Know About Total Cosmetix

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Total cosmetix medical Spa and cosmetic surgery, located in Irvine, performs both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for its clients. The treatments available at Total cosmetix reduce any signs of aging to its clients, enhance their immunity against diseases, and also their wellness. The medical Spa provides its clients with the best services, boosting their confidence. The goal of this Irvine Cosmetics surgery Spa is to help its patients achieve youthful beauty.

How does the medical Spa offer treatments?

Dr. Towhidian, the founder of Total Cosmetix, has over three-decade experience in cosmetic surgeries and other aesthetic treatments. Together with his well-trained team and vast experience, he performs very quality procedures to his patients. The team uses fat from its patients to shape their bodies, helping them achieve the best contours. Dr. Towhidian's experience through travels and interactions with international leaders in Cosmetic treatments provides Total Cosmetix with the best knowledge and skills on how to incorporate various innovations into their treatments. These enable the medical Spa to offer a variety of services to its clients.

Which services does Total Cosmetix offer?

This medical Spa offers a wide variety of cosmetic services that involve both surgical and non-surgical procedures in their treatments. Some of these services include non-surgical fat reduction, butt lifts, double chin treatment, micro-needling, PDO thread lift, fillers, Botox, laser hair removal, stem cell therapy, chemical peels, and acne treatment. Performing procedures such as laser hair removals and lifts require high-level technology equipment and expertise to give their clients quality services.

Moreover, Dr. Towhidian writes various blog articles on cosmetic services offered at his Spa. These blogs provide information to potential clients about the services he provides. The description of how he conducts various treatments and the benefits of such procedures are well highlighted in these blogs. These blogs are posted on online platforms ensuring that any person in the world has easy access to this information. Some blogs also include a progress gallery of patients that serves as an advertisement platform for services offered at his center.

Reviews by patients on the services offered

Total Cosmetix medical Spa and surgery appreciate patients’ reviews on how they offer their services. To date, the medical Spa boasts two reviews with a rating of five out of five. These enhance the fact that they are working towards achieving their goal of treating their patients well and offering the best quality treatments. Testimonials made by various patients also add on to boost the image of the medical Spa attracting customers from different regions in the world.

How to contact Total Cosmetix?

Total Cosmetix attracts clients from all over the world, necessitating them to make it easy to contact them at any time. A patient can contact them by calling them directly through the telephone lines they provide on their online platform. To request an appointment, one can also fill in the online application form and wait for a response to secure you an appointment at the Medical Spa.

All the services offered at this medical facility, located in Irvine and Laguna Beach, aim at enhancing the natural beauty in individuals. The center makes this possible by providing services aimed at giving clients their desired looks. Dr. Towhidian, the founder of the facility, applies his knowledge in cosmetic procedures to offer these services efficiently.