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Safer Ear Piercing For Children

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Jewelry, and not just in the modern era, was always a significant aspect of our lives. People from the oldest civilizations were reported to be embellished with jewelry. This is because the body of man is a shrine, and by embellishing with adornments, we have to honor it. There have been few misunderstandings in our culture that jewels are restricted only to females, but that is untrue; all males and kids can be embellished with ornaments.

Kids are delicate, and their skin is not similar to that of an adult; thus, earring or undesirable metal jewelry can sometimes induce an allergic reaction to the skin of the infant.

As parents are responsible for the ornamenting and embellishing of their children similarly, they are responsible for taking care that any of their passion can possibly harm the children. A child’s fashion sense is the reflection of how their parents beautified them. So there is nothing wrong in beautifying children with earrings and jewelry but the problem arises when their sensitive skin triggers an allergic reaction to the toxic chemicals present in the metals of the jewelry. Not only that, but the ear piercing procedure can also lead to infections, necrosis and pus formation in the ear lobule.

The complications are not only restricted to children, but adults can also catch infections if the procedure is not performed safely. This is why it is crucial that Medical ear piercing must be done and that with sterilized tools and care to prevent potential reactions.

Most people get their piercings done at tattoo parlors and kiosks, which scream of unsanitized procedures. These places are to be especially avoided if you hold your health sacred. They may offer affordable prices, but they have not licensed professionals; hence, their procedures can cause serious side effects that will eventually make you visit the doctor’s office anyway so it is best to consult a doctor for a safe and sanitized ear piercing.

Modern piercing guns are a real health threat. Blood-borne diseases will quickly be spread. The threat is so severe that these devices are outlawed in most European countries. These are legitimately and widely available in the USA, sadly. Proper medicinal procedures use single-use tools that are different for person to person and tossed after being used on a single person to minimize the distribution of viruses, thus preventing the potential chance of infections. A limited part of the population has resistance to nickel, whereas the majority of people with pierced ears are allergic/sensitive to nickel. This condition may be caused by ear piercing and earrings.

Ear piercing is a common procedure, and many parents wish to beautify their children with ornaments and jewelry. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, most parents get their children’s ear pierced by unprofessional and untrained people using unsterilized needles and reusable piercing cartilages that eventually lead to infections and children developing an allergy to some metals.

It is imperative that if a parent wishes to get their child’s ear pierced, then they must consult a medical professional who would carry out the procedure in sterilized conditions ensuring no harm comes to the child during and after the procedure.