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Give Yourself a Makeover with These Lip Makeup Looks!

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Makeup can make a person look beautiful in a matter of seconds. A good makeup look can enhance the beauty of any outfit on any occasion. Lip makeup makes a big part of any makeup look since lips are one of the prominent features of the face. However, many people ignore the lips and end up spoiling their makeup. Many different makeup looks can be chosen from and applied with varying kinds of makeup looks.

Here are some of the best lip makeup looks that you should try the next time you are applying makeup:

Red Lips Makeup Look

Red lips are one of the classic trends that have never gone out of fashion. From Marlin Monroe to Kate Winslet and many new actresses in today’s times, all have been seen wearing red lips on different occasions. The best part about the red lips is that if done correctly, it looks good on each face. However, many technicalities go into creating the perfect red lip. One of the problems with the red lips is that the lipsticks can bleed and might make your makeup look shabby. Here is how you can get the perfect red lip makeup look:

  • Always pick the right red shade for you. Not all shades of red are created equally, and there is a chance that not all reds will look good on you. Hence make sure that you go to a store and try on some lipstick and pick the red that complements your skin tone the most.
  • Buy a lip liner that is a little lighter than the actual lipstick or buys a lip liner that is exactly the color of the lipstick. Never buy a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick. The lip liner and your lipstick should not be more than two tones apart in either direction.
  • One basic rule before applying any lipstick is prepping up your lips. Make sure your lips are moisturized if you are applying matt lipsticks that can dry your lips excessively.
  • Now take your lip liner and line your lips from the outside. Make sure the lines are perfect.
  • Now take the lipstick and fill the area that is under the lines. Make sure the lipstick that you are applying stays in the lines and does not move outside even little. The lip liner will save the lipstick from bleeding out.
  • Your red lip is ready. Make sure to touch up your lipstick after some time so that the intensity of your red remains.


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Dark Lips Makeup Look

Another one of the important lipstick trends that are in fashion is the dark makeup look. Dark lips also need to be done very cautiously just like the red lips. In the dark shades, you can get anything from dark brown to black, maroon, dark grey, green and much more. You can pick your shades depending on your choice. Make sure that when you apply dark lipstick, you use a lip liner that is of the same shade as the lipstick on the outside of your lips so that the lipstick does not bleed out.  

Nude Lips Makeup Look

The nude lips are the best for creating everyday looks. These are the perfect lips when you want to go for the makeup no makeup look. You can choose a nude lipstick shade depending on your skin tone and liking. The best part is that these nude lips can be worn in a party as well as on a daily basis. The only thing to keep in mind with a nude lip is to buy a lip liner that is either lighter than the lipstick or same as the lipstick. Any dark lip liner can ruin the look in minutes.

Permanent Makeup Lips

Another lip trend that is famous these days is the permanent lips. People go and get their lips tattooed with pigment that is either a shade or two darker than their skin tone or lighter. As the name suggests, the results are pretty permanent. However, they do not last a lifetime, and the color fades with time. Make sure you only get a permanent lip look under expert guidance and make sure that the product being used is safe for your body.  You can watch fabulive live makeup classes and courses online tutorial to see how permanent makeup looks can be done and how effective are they.

How Can A Defined Eye and Lip Makeup Look Make Your Features Stand Out?

One of the Holy Grail that is followed by most of the makeup artists is the lips, and the eyes should be defined to make a person's face stand out. If the eye makeup and the lip makeup will clash with each other, the person will not look nice. In most of the cases, it is said to keep the eye makeup minimal with bright lips and vice versa. If you are going for a bright red lip or a darker lip shade, make sure you apply nude eyeshadows and thin eyeliners. This way the only focus will be on your lips. In case you are going for bold eyes, try and apply very light or nude lipstick shades to make the look work for you.

Is Permanent Makeup Lips Worth The Hype?

The permanent makeup lips are in trend all over the world. These are not exactly permanent lips, but they do last a long time. This procedure is opted by the people who do not have well-defined lips and want to add some definition to it. This method will not help you get a fuller or puffier lip. So the question is, should you opt for this procedure.

The first thing that should be kept in mind is that this procedure is painful. Imaging had needles pricking your lips. This procedure is also very costly. It will cost you are a fortune. If you do not have a high tolerance for pain, you might want to get some anesthesia. There is also a chance of getting infected, and the healing takes over ten days.

Although there are some cons to this procedure, getting it done is a personal choice. If you can go through the pain and want more defined lips and are ready to spend around $1000 to do so, you can surely go ahead and get it done.