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Everything You Need to Know About Ibogaine

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You have probably heard of ibogaine several times and how it can help reset your brain to a pre-addicted state. The main question however is, does ibogaine work? A lot of individuals have come forward and claimed to have used this product before, and it helped them overcome the addiction state. If you are an opiate or heroin addict, then you understand just how much of a struggle it is to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and do away with the use of drugs.

The best part is that the withdrawal symptoms disappear within an hour after taking ibogaine. This makes it the most effective stimulant for anyone trying to turn a new leaf. In fact, there is no other substance known to be this effective. It not only help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms but also cleanses all the drug traces from your body.

What is ibogaine, you ask? This is a psychoactive substance that stimulates hallucinogenic effects in your body. These are similar effects like what you get from the use of psilocybin or LSD. While the use of this substance may result in some short-term adverse effects such as hallucinations and anxiety; it has been associated with a high potential to help users overcome the destructive addiction issues.

How does it work?


Research is still underway as scientists try to come up with conclusive research on how this substance works and help in treatment. Also, some states are yet to legalize it as they are still skeptical about its safety and effectiveness. But the truth is ibogaine works and has helped lots of individuals overcome their dark stages. It is mostly meant to treat opioid addiction, and its functionality has been proved. It can be termed as a resetting drug which works by resetting your brain’s functions associated with drug use. This means that it binds with the users’ brain opiate receptors and interacts with the dopamine and serotonin levels to disrupt opiate cravings, thus eliminating the withdrawal symptoms. It then returns the users’ receptors to the pre-addicted state.

Once you take ibogaine, it is converted to noribogaine, and the substance then targets that parts of your brain that have been affected by the drug-cravings and addictive behaviors. It then rewires these parts, thus allowing your brain to go back to its initial state like it was before addiction. While in most individuals, the product works by preventing cravings and easing the withdrawal symptoms, the whole process is more like a detox.

What are the effects of using ibogaine

The implications to expect after using this product vary from one person to the next. They will also depend on the dosage. You should take it in the right dosage; otherwise, you will end up getting side effects as you try to overcome your drug usage habits.

The product might not be competent enough to treat the underlying causes of addiction, and that is something that you would better look into by yourself. Know what triggers your cravings to use drugs and manage them instead. You can then use ibogaine to deal with the intense cravings and needs to use the drug. Misusing this drug can cause extreme side effects, and it is, therefore, best that you use it for the right reasons. Some of the side effects associated with ibogaine misuse include;

  • Fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Heart strains and other cardiovascular-related problems

You should note that if overused, you may develop ibogaine addiction, which is a bad thing. The goal is to help you deal with other drug addictions and not become an addict.

Safety concerns

The substance is much safe when you take it in small amounts and even better if you use it under the care of an expert. It is also best that you dig deeper to understand this drug better before embarking on its use. This will save you from the side effects and ensure that you get the results that you are looking for.

Final verdict

Ibogaine has proven to be an effective product for anyone looking to detox and get drug traces from their body but only if used properly. Make a point of trying this product, ease your withdrawal symptoms, beat cravings, and flash out the drug traces from your body. It will undoubtedly reset you to the pre-addiction state.