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The Top 3 Things That Make a Detox Center Different From an Outpatient Center

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Many people are suffering from substance abuse. Luckily, there are facility centers that offer help and treatment. These facilities differ as some deal with specific conditions while others deal with a variety of issues.

The truth is that there are facilities that are better than others. They may also offer different treatment programs. It is best to go for the most suitable, depending on your current needs. This eases the journey to sobriety and helps you lead a normal life. There are two options. There are outpatient and detox facilities. They all offer services aimed at overcoming abuse but differ on how their approach to problems. The things that bring this difference include:

1)    The Facility

A detox facility offers inpatient services on admission. The patients cut ties with the outside world. They are expected to stay here for a specific period. They also get into a specific schedule set out by the facility. In a detox center, patients receive full-time supervision, which offers better results on patients' progress for analysis.

An outpatient facility offers walk-in services for the patient. The patient gets to the facility for a session and leaves for home once it is over. This is ideal for parents with children at home, students, professionals, and people who have kept their addiction as a secret. This option is ideal for those battling with less severe addictions and would need support from the outside world too.

Inpatient detox facilities are ideal for those with serious addictions and might suffer from withdrawal symptoms. It also secludes patients from temptation and old habits. This helps the person to start afresh without the hustle of adjusting ways once he or she steps out of the clinic.

2)    Treatment

A detox facility takes full responsibility and control of your days while in the clinic. The treatment offered is divided into different sessions per day with breaks for meals and rest in between. The treatment offered is on a strict schedule that should be adhered to. With outpatient treatment, patients get to have one or two sessions per day and leave. Their activities are not controlled. They can skip the treatment if they choose to. This program can take a month to a year before the specialist gives the green light. The inpatient program takes 10 to 90 days to complete. The treatment schedule in the inpatient program incorporates specialist counseling and therapies, detox, nutrition, and exercises. With outpatient treatment, patients only engage in counseling sessions and therapies.

3)    Cost

The cost of a detox facility is relatively higher than that of an outdoor center. This is due to the cost of services and treatment offered. There is a fixed rate on food and facility fee, but medication and other special treatment costs may vary per patient. The facilities that deal with a specific condition can have a fixed price for their services or packages for different levels of needs. Most outpatient clinics bill through sessions or on an hourly basis.