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5 Healthy Hair Essentials

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When it comes to our hair, most of us are guilty of not giving it as much care as we probably should. Whether we've got short styles we don't brush as often as we should or longer hair that spends most of its time up in a tight ponytail, it's all too common to find that our treatment of our hair can find us seeking out the best hair transplant UK companies have to offer. However it is far simpler to look after our hair than it may initially seem “ here are five essentials you need.

A Natural-Bristled Brush

Natural bristles are much easier on the hair than synthetic alternatives and can make a world of difference to the appearance of your locks. Natural, or ˜boar' bristled brushes are typically better at spreading the natural oils through the hair, boosting its overall shine. For those with thinner hair, a fully natural brush could very well work, but those with thicker hair may benefit from a brush that is half nylon and half natural. This will prevent tears in your hair and help maintain it's health.


A Shampoo Or Conditioner That Suits Your Scalp

We all have different hair types. Some are thick, some are thinner, some have a oilier scalp while others suffer from a dry one. Picking a shampoo or conditioner that caters to this can help your hair drastically. For example, if you have damaged hair, a regenerative shampoo will help to improve the structure, strength and elasticity of the hair strands, while those with oily scalps should stay away from shampoos that claim to be hydrating or moisturising, as this could make the matter worse.

A Proper Defence

Every single day, our hair is faced with daily challenges. Pollution, UV, extreme weather and more can all cause damage or stress to our hair, which is where protective oils and serums come in. Shielding your scalp and hair from these everyday elements can help to maintain the quality of your current hair and even promote faster or stronger growth.

A Regular Cut

Split ends are a simple reality of having hair, but with regular visits to the hairdressers, these can be tamed and cut off to leave room for the healthy hair to continue growing. You'll have been advised to visit the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks, so it's important to book these appointments and make sure that you attend them. It's a relaxing treat for both you and your hair and one that can keep your hair healthy and refreshed.

A Deep Condition Or Treatment

Hair masks, deep conditioning and other treatments might not always appear to make a difference straight away, but with semi-regular treatments, you can build up the strength of your hair and ultimately help to maintain it's quality for the longer-term. Just like standard shampoos and conditioners, you can search for the right one to suit your hairstyle and daily routine, whether it's one designed to repair heat damage or one to help fix a dry scalp.