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4 Surprising Reasons You Are Obese

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There are some problems that tend to heal with time, but it would be fair to say that obesity doesn’t really fall into said category.

Despite all of the initiatives that governments around the world are attempting to implement, the statistics are still damning.

We don’t need to talk much about the repercussions about this either. An obese person is susceptible to all sorts of health conditions ranging from heart attacks to gynecomastia (although you can at least now tap into a gynecomastia reduction procedure to help in the worst-case scenarios).

As such, it’s a serious business. Sometimes, it’s more than just eating too many calories than you really should, though. The remainder of today’s guide will look at some of the more surprising reasons which can cause obesity.

Surprise #1 – You don’t sleep enough

This first point always raises a few eyebrows. We all love to sleep, but despite this few of us do it enough. The implications for your weight are far and wide. Suddenly, your metabolism slows down, meaning that it becomes harder than ever before to burn more calories during the course of the day.

Not only that, but as you will most likely be tired towards the end of the day, you are more likely to turn to those snacks which you really shouldn’t.

Surprise #2 – You work too much

Again, it’s one of those eyebrow-raising reasons behind obesity.

It has been found that those people who work excessively hard are more likely to be obese, as they don’t have the required time to eat. They tend to forget to eat at meal times, meaning that they take in far more food than they should later in the day. Not only this, but the food they do take in tends to be of much worse quality – with ready meals and other unhealthy snacks being two of the main culprits.

Surprise #3 – You have the wrong exercise habits

Sure, there’s no doubt that exercising does wonders for your overall weight. There are ways and means to do this, though.

A lot of people will turn to a gruelling gym workout, and follow it up with high-calorie foods as they feel low in energy. Suffice to say, all they are doing is piling on all those calories that they initially lost.

When you do turn to exercise, be careful about how you do it. You will need extra calories, but the right calories. You’ll need the likes of protein to build muscle following a workout, not fatty foods that are just going to undo all of the hard work you have invested.

Surprise #4 – You take a certain type of medication

Unfortunately, some matters are completely out of our control. For example, some medications increase the risk of obesity, and also make it really difficult for people to lose weight. Medication affecting the thyroid tends to fall into this category, meaning that life can feel somewhat unfair for people who are taking it.