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Top Things To Know About Supplements

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With so many Americans buying supplements every year, it is only natural that they would want to know more about them. On that note, here are some interesting facts about the supplement industry that everyone should know.

  1. People have been using plants for medicinal purposes since before written history. In fact, archaeologists have found evidence that humans were using plants as medicine way back in the Cretaceous period, which was 60,000 years ago. The earliest written evidence of plants as medicine comes from the Euphrates River where the people who lived there 6,000 years ago made mention of using licorice, mustard seeds, and opium poppy as medicinal go-to’s.


  1. Dietary supplements distributed by such companies as bpo fulfillment, are far more than just simple multivitamins. In fact, modern supplements contain such things as minerals, enzymes, botanicals, vitamins, and may contain a host of other nutritional additives. They are specially designed for maximum health benefits or sports performance, depending on why you are taking the supplement, to begin with.


  1. It is not just America that supplements enjoy a healthy interest. In fact, statistics shared by the World Health Organization state that nearly 80% of the population of Asia rely on some form of herbal supplementation to increase their health and wellness. While these supplements may not be the mass-marketed variety that is awaiting fulfillment in more industrial nations, they are still considered supplements and still bring the good health and wellness that more mainstream varieties bring.


  1. One of the most important supplements you can take for bone health is none other than Vitamin D and calcium. Researchers have long known that those who consume the most calcium have the best bone health. They have now found that supplementing with vitamin D increases the rate at which the calcium is absorbed into the bones. This great news for those people seeking better bone health or for those people who may be of an elderly age and are suffering from weakened bones.


  1. Easily the one nutritional supplement that most people are lacking in is Omega-3 fatty acids. This essential fatty acid is typically found in fatty fish such as salmon and Americans certainly do not eat enough of that at mealtime. This particular supplement aids greatly in brain health and also in keeping the skin looking new and beautiful. It is easy to take and is usually one of the least expensive supplements on the market.