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How to live longer

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Longevity runs in families and so if you have the right genes, it will help you to improve the chances. Even though we cannot control genetics but there are many things that you can do which will increase your longevity and will help you to reach a ripe old age.

Stay trim

Always avoid the excess weight. When you have excess weight, it can lead to several different medical problems including risk for heart attack, diabetes, cancer and other problems. If you suffer from these medical conditions, it will reduce if you years of your life. Many of them can be fatal for you at any point of time. So simply keep the excess fat and weight off your body and enjoy this world.

Eat well

Eating well is very important because your diet decides your health. Five, seven or ten servings of fruits and vegetables every day will definitely help you to stay healthy and live longer. Your visitor will and fruit collection should be colourful. You also need lots of whole grains. Protein is very important for you and it should come from good and healthy protein sources. You should reduce salt, fat and sugar and that will help you to increase your longevity.

Exercise your brain

Exercising your brain will help you to stay alive for a longer duration. There are different brain exercises available which you can perform depending on your choice and preferences you can do crosswords, learning new language, take up a hobby, attend a lecture and learn new things, because all of that will exercise your brain. If you keep your mind engaged, it will help you to live longer.

Regular exercise

If you want to increase the longevity, it is very important to exercise regularly. When you exercise regularly, it will keep you healthy and ensure that all the functions in your body are running smoothly. It will also keep your body strong and prevent possible medical problems. Regular exercise is like insurance against disease and injury, both of which can reduce the number of years from your life.

Have kids later

If a woman be a sick child after age 40, she has four times greater chance of living to 100 than women who give birth earlier in life. So, you can choose what you want to do. And focusing earlier on your carrier and then focusing on the family may not be a bad idea if the findings are true.

Develop stress busting habits

There are different stress busting habits available which will help you to reduce stress. You can walk, meditate, talk to a friend, listen to music, go out, and do anything that you like which will help you to reduce your stress. Reducing stress will help you to prevent diseases. Stress is also one of the major causes of early ageing. And if you want to stay longer and avoid early ageing, you will have to reduce your stress by using any means that work for you.

Have more sex

Having more sex will help you to live longer. An active sex life is closely connected with a longer life. If you have sex 2 to 3 times a week, it will reduce the risk of heart disease by 45%.

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is very important and it can help you to live longer. When you laugh, it improves your blood flow to the heart by 50% and that can help you by reducing heart disease. It also makes you feel better and improves your mood.


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