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How to increase your longevity

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You have longevity means you are living longer than the average person. You can always work for achieving the maximum potential age for yourself. It is possible to increase your longevity by following certain healthy principles.

Longevity simply means long life. If you want to live longer than the average lifespan, it is possible to do so. Let's find out how you can do that.

Definition of longevity

Biologist tend to describe longevity is the average lifespan expected under ideal conditions. Now, that is a difficult definition to understand because it's difficult to define what's ideal. There are different types of research going on to find out the right amount and type of exercise necessary, the best diet to eat to maximise longevity and to find out whether some of the supplements can help to improve your longevity.

If you take a look at the lifespans it has increased dramatically over the last century. Such increase in lifespans has happened due to advances in medicine which could eliminate some of the deadly and infectious diseases. The life expectancy of people has gone beyond 70 or 80 years depending on what you stay. In some other places life expectancy can even be longer than that.

New research has been done on longevity and there are theories that human it is true longevity might be much higher. As a human being, you may be able to live longer but for that, you need to create the ideal conditions of a healthy diet and exercise.

Factors that determine your longevity

Previously, it was thought that your genes decide your longevity. But then it takes accounts for only about 30% of your life expectancy. There is 70% comes from your behaviours, attitudes, environment and sometimes a bit of luck. There are many theories which talk about increasing the life expectancy, however you have to be sure before believing them.

How can you maximise your longevity?

If you want to stay alive for a longer duration than other people, there are ways which can help you to do that.

Exercise regularly

Scientific research have found that regular and moderate exercise can help you to roll back the clock on your DNA. So if you continue your regular exercise it is more likely that you will live for a longer duration.

Consume more vegetables

If you consume more vegetables, it can help you to live longer. There are different types available but most of them agree that vegetable is a must if you want to increase your lifespan.

Proper sleep

Getting enough and proper sleep is very important for lengthening your life. Most people need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, however, it may vary a lot depending on the person. Sleep is essential for you to ensure the recovery and healing of your body, which is very crucial for ensuring a healthy and long life.

Managing stress

Managing stress is very important if you want to live longer. If you too much stressed, it will reduce your lifespan. Stress will also result in many health problems which can be life-threatening for many people. Stress have many negative impacts on your body and it can result in unhealthy behaviour like overeating or smoking and others.

Improved personal relationships

For a long life, you need to have personal relationships and better ones. When you spend time with your loved ones, it helps you to improve longevity.


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