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How to look younger

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If you want to lookyounger, there are some things that you can to. It may need some changes in your lifestyle but it is very much possible to look younger than you are.

Avoid low-fat diets

There are low-fat diet crazes among many people but such low-fat diets often harm you without even you knowing it. People who follow them are fatter, sicker and more addicted to carbs and sugar. People fear fat because of the misunderstanding they have about fat. You don't have to fear fat, rather you need them. Fat are essential for your body because they help you to regenerate your power hormones. Testosterone is the strength hormone and dietary fat can help you to increase production of this hormone. You need both dietary fat and cholesterol for your vital hormones. If you are following a low-fat diet, it will make you look gaunt, drawn and weak. There are often sick and sometimes breakdown. On the other hand when you have more testosterone it will help you to look younger than you are.

Too much running is not good for you

If you believe that you can eliminate all the fat and look younger by running more and more in the gym, you are misled. Even if you spend hours running on the treadmill, it will not help you to look younger and better. Cardio is good for you for cardiovascular conditioning but it doesn't mean that you have to spend hours running. Too much running actually increases your ageing process and you look older than you are. Too much stress from running can increase free radicals in your body, which will enhance your ageing process and you will look older than you are. There are smart ways to exercise and look better while getting the same benefits that you get from different cardiovascular exercises.

Blaming your age

If you blame anything on how old you are, that will never help you to look younger. It means you have accepted that you have reach an age where it is not possible to look younger and better. And if that is the case, you are not going to try hard to achieve the young looking body. Age is just a number and that too in your mind. Many people have shown clearly that it is possible to achieve a great body at any age. Even if you are in your 60s, you can still have a great looking body and a better body then someone with a large belly. It is not about your age, rather it is about your lifestyle. It depends on what you eat and whether you exercise regularly on not and what are your habits. If you eat what you should and exercise regularly and your lifestyle focuses on the good habits, it is possible to look better than a younger person. You will find slim, toned and super sexy woman who look 10 years younger and it's not because she had it genetically but she probably worked for it.

Avoid chronic dehydration

This is something that you should understand. If you are dehydrated most of the time, it will increase the speed of ageing. What are burns fat and suppresses hunger. Besides that, it also renews your skin. If you are drinking 2 L of pure water every day it will simply help you to look younger than you are within a few weeks. You will have more energy, you will have less fat and your kidneys and liver will be in a better condition.


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