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Cellulite myths that you need to avoid to destroy orange peel skin

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When you have cellulite, your legs will look lumpy and it will match and orange peel. Such a skin may be termed as orange peel skin because of its matching look. If you are suffering from that, it will be very difficult for you to show your legs and wearing a swimsuit can be very challenging because people not only notice that you have orange peel skin but some of them may also point it out.

The orange peel skin may get worse with age. So, you need to do something to get rid of that orange peel skin. But before you take any action, you need to know about the cellulite myths so that you can understand what you need to do.

Cellulite is just excess fat

This is a myth that you need to understand. Cellulite involves excess fat and that is true but it does not mean cellulite is just excess fat. Many celebrities and models also have cellulite even though they do not have an ounce of fat on their bodies. Cellulite is really the connective fibres between your skin and muscle which may cause lumpy, dimple like effect. When collagen fibre strands that attach skin to muscle pull on the layer of skin, they create those dimpled pockets, which you call cellulite.

Smoothing creams and lotions

Many people believe that smoothing creams and lotions can help them to smooth the skin and make it look normal. That is why there are so many such creams and lotions are available. But you need to understand that this craze for such creams and lotions have been created by the beauty product companies. They will sell you cellulite blasting lotions and will claim that such products will completely eliminate your cellulite. To sell more they will use words like natural, botanicals, antioxidants and caffeine and other things. No scientific study has been done to verify the claims. No study has pointed out that is creams and lotions can offer any improvement. In many cases they may cause skin reactions are rashes instead of helping you to remove cellulite from your body.

Trapped toxins cause cellulite

Many people believe that trapped toxins cause cellulite. When you search for an anti-cellulite product, you will find those terms and claims that because of such toxins you are suffering from cellulite. Such products will claim to remove toxins and impurities from your body which will ultimately remove cellulite from your body. You should be very careful about listening to them and using those products because those claims are not supported by scientific studies and real science.

Fascia blasting reduces cellulite

This is another myth. Fascia blasting his claim to reduce cellulite by reducing the knots in connective tissue. Even though you see any improvement, it will be short lived. Such improvements may be caused by increase blood flow from the surrounding muscle tissue in the problem area. However, that does not mean that it has solved your cellulite problem for good. The cellulite will come back after some time and you will have to do the process again. This method can will result in painful bruising and that may last for several days.

You need to get rid of these myths because they are holding you back from finding the right solution for your cellulite problem.


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