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Factors that make cellulite worse

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Before you go into finding the treatment of cellulite, you need to understand what the cause of your cellulite was or what can cause cellulite. There are some factors which are responsible for causing cellulite in the problem areas of your body.

High stress

High stress can cause cellulite or make it worse. There are so much of stress in our daily lives but we don't know about it. Because of the so many external stimulation sources and the complexity of modern living, you might be in stress without even knowing about it because of subconscious hyperactivity. Worrying, preoccupation, unnecessary use of emotional and mental energy are some of the manifestation of stress. You may also suffer from stress because of the high intensity stress events which are very common. It may be sickness, death of a friend, divorce, work challenges, family dysfunction or anything else which may increase stress in your life. Different hormones in your body are affected by stress and they may act strange. If the cells of your body are bombarded with higher hormone levels, there will be some negative effects. As a result of that muscles, skin cells and connective tissues may become lose and limp. It can ultimately result in cellulite in the problem areas and other areas of your body.

Poor sleep

Poor sleep can also result in cellulite. It can also make existing cellulite problem worse. It happens because your sleep quality and patterns have an incredibly powerful effect on the hormones. If you are having deep, consistent and regular sleep, then it will help you to keep your body in balance and it will also counteract the effects of high stress. If because of any reason your sleep quality and quantity is hamper, there will be some negative impact on the hormones and that will result in different problems including cellulite. You will need to take care of your sleep and make sure that you are getting the required amount with the right quality.


Some medications can cause cellulite in some people and they can also make existing cellulite worse. There are many medicines which can result in weight gain and the number is really high. Such medicines will have negative effects on your body composition. After using some medicines for fighting some diseases, you may notice that characteristics of your muscle tone and skin integrity are a changing. It is not very easy to understand that but such changes are caused by changing your body composition. These medicines can impact your hormones and through hormones your body composition may change in an unfavourable way. You may or may not see any changes in weight during this period. Lower muscle density which is known as muscular atrophy along with some extra body fat will still show you the same weight but there will be visible dimples, mushy ness, ripples and shadows on the skin. These are some of the physical changes which you should take very seriously and talk to your doctor at the onset of these problems.

Wrong exercises

Wrong exercises can also cause cellulite or make it worse. It is always better to avoid too much cardio because it can result in muscle wasting which will reduce your muscle mass and will cause flat, soft and shaggy muscles. It will start showing shadows, dimples and ripples which are nothing but cellulite.


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