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Why is your hip flexors health important for you?

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The hip flexor is a group of muscles in your body responsible for keeping your femur or thigh bone attached to your pelvis and lumbar spine. Because of them you can raise your legs towards your torso.

Hip flexors are important because they can keep your hips and lower back strong, flexible and aligned. Without them or problems in hip flexors will cause several problems for you.

House sitting all day is bad for you

If you are sitting throughout the day, that is something probably negatively affecting your life. If you continuously do that over a period, it will shorten the length of your hip flexors. When that happens, it will become increasingly difficult to stand fully straight. That is just the beginning of the problems. Because of poor health, accumulation of tension within the hip and spine may happen and your muscles may become very tight even when you are lying down. If that happens, it'll be difficult for you to sleep on your stomach.

The same problem may also happen to your hamstrings and back. Sometimes people feel pain in the knees and back. Sometimes they feel a deep pain in the groin and hip region. If the condition progresses further, it can cause a deep ache in the stomach. Ultimately it will cause persistent lower back pain.

Your sex life

If you are sitting all day and that is affecting your hip flexors, it is also going to affect other parts of your life including your sex life. A healthy sex life is very important for your overall life but if you are suffering from hip flexors problem, it is likely going to create problems for your sex life too.

If you have tight hip flexors, it can cause your hips to stay fixed in a forward tilted position which will cause your pelvis and legs to rotate. As a result of that your hip socket may become compressed which will result in pulling and shifting of joints, tendons and muscles on the lower back. If that happens, it will reduce flow of blood and circulation and will also delay nerve response to the hips.

When you have any pain in middle or lower bad, abdominals or hips, it will force you to use shallow breathing and restriction in hip movements. So, you will suffer from impairment or limitation in muscles and organs. It will definitely hamper your sexual performance. When you have the possibility of pain, it will not be easy for you to reach the state of pleasure because of the panic possibilities. Your sex life will suffer drastically.

More fat storage in the body

If you have tight hip flexors, it can result in more fat storage in the body and you will not only become fatty but will also become overweight and obese. Tight hip flexors will signal your body that you were in danger and that will take your body to the survival state. It will activate your survival response and your adrenal glands as a result of that it may deplete your immune system. The adrenal glands are important because they govern stress response of the body. It secrets hormones in response to the stress levels of the body. They are important in controlling different hormonal cycles and functions in human body. If adrenal glands over work because of the distress signal of your body, your body will start to stored fat and calories to prepare itself for disaster. That can result to more weight gain.


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