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How to get rid of tight hip flexors

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Hip flexors

Hip flexors are a group of muscles which are present around the top of your thighs and which connects your upper leg to your hip. Any type of movement that involves your lower body will need to use the hip flexors. If you are performing squat, dead lift, overhead press or bench press, then you need to use the hip flexes. They are known as hip flexes because they create flexion in the hip. This group of muscles are very important for your movements.

Causes of tight hip flexors

Tight hip flexors are mostly caused by sitting. If you are sitting for a prolonged period of time, then it can happen. Even if you are sitting for short periods, then also it might happen. When you sit for a prolonged period, it not only increases different types of disease and dysfunction problems for you, it will also result in tight hip flexors problem. When you sit down, these muscles are forced to remain contracted for extended periods of time. That can result in tight hip flexors. According to Arnold Shourie tight hip flexes happen cause of overuse. So, if you are using these muscles for a prolonged period for intense exercise such as weightlifting, the possibilities there that your hip flexors will become tight and stay as that.

According to other theories, tight hip flexors happen because of a combination of both these factors.

However, even though there may be many more such theories, it is not yet sure why the problem of a tight hip flexors happens. Like muscle pain and tightness, it is also another mysterious phenomena.

Whatever the reason may be, now you do not have to suffer from tight hip flexors problem throughout your life. There are different types of stretches and exercises which can help you to get relief in such a situation. It will also improve your lower body workouts.

Some the best stretches for tight hip flexors

There are many stretches available which can help you with tight hip flexors, but there are a few stretches which will help you more than others. If you perform the following stretches several times every day and keep doing it for a few days, your hip flexors tightness will go away and you will have a normal body without hip flexors problem. You can try out all on the stretches and then decide which are the best for you depending on how much penicillin they offered you.

Some of the important structures are-

kneeling hip flexor stretch

This is on the best stretches which will help you in getting rid of a tight hip flexor. You need to work for 2 to 3 minutes per leg in this stretching exercise and it will help you to get rid of the problem faster.

Psoas quad stretch

This is another stretch which is very much beneficial for hip flexors problem. Psoas is a powerful pelvic muscle which is very important in hip flexion. If this muscle is tight, you are likely to experience lower back discomfort and you will not be able to do any heavy squatting. In this stretch, you gradually dries your knee into the ground and lean forward to get into a deep stretch and such a scratch will help you immensely. You need to perform this stretch for 2 to 3 minutes per leg.

Walking knee hug

This is another stretching exercise which will help you to get rid of tight hip flexors. It is useful because it will help you to loosen your hips up.


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