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Effective belly fat detox drinks

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Detox is the process through which you get rid of the accumulated harmful substances from your body which can stress your systems. Because of different lifestyle and environmental factors toxins may accumulate in your body. These are harmful for your body and a generally get stored in the fat tissues of the body. With detoxification you will not only get rid of the toxins but it can also help you to get rid of the fat tissues and in that process remove belly fat and get a flat belly.

Green tea detox water

This is one of the effective and popular weight loss and detox drinks. This drink will help you to remove harmful toxins from the body. Green tea contains a good dose of caffeine, which can be used before working out as well. To prepare this, you need to boil a cup of water and then remove it from heat and add a bag of green tea. Leave it for a few minutes, let it cool down and your green tea detox water is ready for you. If you want you can also add sugar or milk or honey to improve the taste.

Cucumber detox water

Another popular detox drink for losing belly fat is cucumber detox water. For many this is the starting point of detoxification. You need to add a few slices of cucumber, few slices of lemon, a few mint leaves and a few slices of grapefruit. Cucumber is useful because it has diuretic properties which will help you to eliminate the harmful toxins from your body. Adding grapefruit is better because it contains fat burning enzymes and you also get a revitalising flavour in the drink. Lemon will also add flavour to the drink and will also help you by healing the internal digestive tract. Mint leaves will help you by any stomach problem that you have and it will also help you to lose weight faster.

Lemon ginger detox drink

Another simple detox drink that you can prepare for losing belly fat is lemon ginger detox drink. Take a little bit of ginger root and add it to some water and squeeze some fresh lemon juice. Now grind it and extract the juice. Add more water and a few mint leaves.

Lemon is good for you because it is a great refreshing agent. It will also help you by improving digestion. Fresh ginger contains gingerol, which is a very effective detoxifying agent. Mint leaves are also good for you because they help in weight reduction.

Watermelon detox water

Watermelons contain high amount of water and so they are very good for you during the summers. It contains plenty of antioxidants which will help you to lose fat from the body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Watermelon contains amino acids which are important in improving blood flow and cardiovascular health. The process of making watermelon detox water is very simple. You need to cut the watermelon into small cubes and then add them to your drinking water. Drink this water several times during the day and you will get all the benefits watermelon detox water has to offer.

Aloe Vera detox water

Aloe vera is a very important plant because it has so many medicinal properties. It can also be used for preparation of detox water which will help you to lose belly fat and other stored fat from different parts of the body. It hydrates your body, helps in digestion and provides other benefits. It is one of the popular detox water which is used by diet around the world.


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