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Easy solutions for snoring

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About 45% of moment adults may snore at least occasionally. Snoring can be very difficult and it can also be embarrassing.

Some easy solutions for snoring can help you to get rid of this problem in an easy way.

Change your sleep position

Even though it may seem and useless idea, but this simple idea can help you to get over snoring. When you sleep on your back, the base of your tongue and soft palate to the back wall of your throat and when that happens you will hear a vibrating sound during sleep. If you change your sleeping position and sleep on your side, it can be prevented. You can use a body pillow, which is a full length below that can support your entire body to sleep on your side. This simple change can bring in dramatic difference.

You can also tap tennis balls to the back of your pyjamas and that will stop you from sleeping on your back. If you're snoring continuous even after changing the sleep position, you should see a doctor because it can be a case of obstructive sleep apnoea.

Lose weight

Losing weight help many people to stop snoring. However, it does not mean that thin people do not snore. If you have regained weight and then started snoring, losing weight can help you to stop snoring. When you gain weight around your neck, it can squeeze the internal diameter of the throat and that may collapse during sleep, which will cause snoring. In that case, if you lose weight, it will help you to keep your throat in perfect condition and will help you to avoid snoring.

Open nasal passages

If you are snoring from your nose, keeping your nasal passages open will help you to get rid of it. When you keep your nasal passages open, it will allow air to move through slower. When your passage is narrow, the air will move faster and that will create snoring. If your nose is clogged on a road due to a cold or any other reason, when the air moves fast through it, it will cause snoring.

To open the nasal passage, you can take a hot shower before you go to bed. There are sprays, oils and other elements which can help you to remove congestion in your nose. You can use a salt water rinse in the shower. When you rinse your nose with salt water, it will open up the nasal passages. In yoga, there is a process that uses a neti pot to lift the nasal passages and to open them up with a salt water solution. Some people may also use nasal strips to lift nasal passages so that they open up better thereby allowing better circulation of air.

Good sleep hygiene

Some people have some poor sleep habits or poor sleep hygiene. If you have that, it can also affect in a very similar way to drinking alcohol. If you are working long hours without enough sleep and you are overtired, it will make you fall asleep hard and deep and then your muscles will become floppier, which can cause snoring in some people. So ensure that you are getting the required sleep and you are going to the bed at the right time everyday.


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