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Sleep Apnea and Weighted Blankets

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Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea. The symptoms of this disorder make it difficult to get a good night's rest. It is not only difficult for them to sleep and stay asleep but other people are also affected by people suffering from sleep apnea. They store and gasp loud enough to wake others.

Symptoms of sleep apnea

There are several types of sleep apnea that may affect people.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) “ the airway at the back of your throat is blocked during OSA. When the tongue collapses against your soft palate and the soft palate collapses against your throat, breathing lapses may happen.

Central sleep apnea (CSA) “ this is a condition where that happens when there is a problem with the system in your brain controlling respiration muscles. It can result in slow, shallow breathing.

Complex sleep apnea – a compilation of OSA and CSA.

All these three types of sleep apnea share some of the same symptoms-

  • Labored breathing and possibly even the stopping of respiration for up to one minute
  • Irritability due to lack of sleep
  • Headaches upon awakening
  • Difficulty in thinking clearly during the day
  • Forgetfulness and mood changes

The symptoms of sleep apnea often result from poor sleep quality and because your brain received a lower amount of oxygen during sleep due to interrupted respiration.

Weighted blankets and sleep apnea

Weighted blankets can offer several important benefits to users. These blankets help people with ADHD and autism because they have coming effects. These blankets can help you to get relief from sleep apnea.

Increased oxytocin levels

Scientific studies found that increased oxytocin levels in the body can result in a lower percentage of sleep apnea experiences in the case of people who are diagnosed with OSA. But how do you increase oxytocin levels in the body? That can be done with pressure stimulation (DPS).

And here weighted blankets can help you. These blankets deliver DPS and in turn, DPS can help you to increase oxytocin levels.

DPS is a slight pressure on your entire body and it feels like a giant hug. Even though it is not too tight, it is not too flimsy as well. 

Reduced cortisol levels

These weighted blankets can reduce cortisol or the stress hormone. With lots of stress, it is very hard to fall asleep. When you have more stress, it can result in the high court is level and such high courts and levels are often linked to weight gain. With weight gain, it can result in obesity and obesity can lead to sleep apnea.

Why use a weighted evolution blanket?

Weighted Evolution Blankets are made of finance quality and non-taxing materials that follow high manufacturing standards. These blankets are made with proprietary sensory sand and double stage pockets. As a result, the user gets the maximum amount of DPS while sleeping. It is far superior to the low-quality weighted blankets that are made of inferior materials to reduce the total cost. you will find weighted evolution blankets made of bamboo which are soft and natural but provide the highest benefit to the user.

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