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If you want a better booty, you will need to do a few things and do them right. Let's find out what you can do to create a better but then what you have.

Nutrition is very important

Proper nutrition will always play a crucial role in transforming your body. This is also true for your booty. If you are not eating the right foods, at the right time and at the right proportion, you will not be able to have that perfect butt that you want to have. Even if you are very hard in the gym or at home working on your butt but do not eating properly at home, your hard work will go waste. Exercise is one part of the equation but you also need to know the other part which is your diet. You will have to support your work and improve your results with a clean diet. You will need to build muscle and burn fat, you will lead lean proteins, good fats and vegetables. At the same time, you will also have to stop consuming sugar, processed foods and other empty calories. It is always better to talk to a dietician to find out what nutrition you need and how to get the right balance through the foods that you consume.

The right exercises

You need the right exercises to get the best looking booty. Simply taking few exercises meant for your butt will not help you to get the booty you desire. You will need to know about the right exercises and have a proper plan in place. You will also need to lift weights if you want to create the awesome booty. Bodyweight squat may be good for you but if you want results and one and fast, you will need to add some weights. You will have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and then only will see the good results. Glutes are very important when you want to create the perfect butt and it is a large muscle. To challenge it you will need to lift heavy. You will have to do as many moves and reps possible without losing the form.

Proper rest

Proper rest is also important when you want to create the best looking booty. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle of the body and when you lift heavy to activate it, there will be muscle breakdown and only then muscle growth will happen. Your body will need some time to repair all the micro-tearing that happens in the muscle. So rest for 36 to 48 hours of time and give this time to your body to heal itself and develop butt muscles. You should not work your glutes every day because that will result in pain, discomfort and muscle injury. You need at least one or two days of rest in a week and you can do yoga, massage or other restorative practices during these days.

Don't give up too early

For creating the perfect booty, you will need some time. If you want instant results, it may not be possible because of your workout, your body type, your diet or for any other reasons. If you are checking your bum just after one day in the gym, you will not see any results. It may need if you weeks to a few months to see the results that you are expecting. Your body will need some time to learn to activate and use more muscle fibres as your program progresses.


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