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How To Prepare a High-Quality Essay for Medical School

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Applying to medical school is an exciting, yet nerve-racking “ experience for most students. You have likely endured six years or more of collegiate-level writing tasks by now, but it is still likely that you are walking into the task of writing your acceptance essay (also known as a Personal Statement) as somewhat of a blank slate.


If you find that you are struggling through the process and feel like you might need a few pros on your side to help you, the best paper writing service to save your time. The experienced professionals there have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get through this particular task. Here are some of the key points they encourage and look for when either writing or critiquing medical school essays.


#1 “ Write in Drafts


This is true for virtually all forms of academic writing, but it is an absolute imperative in this instance. Don’t rush through the composition of your personal statement. Write the first draft, put it down for at least a day, then come back and read it again.


It is also a good idea to keep a separate file for each draft. Cut and paste the paper in its entirety into a new document and edit the copy each time. You might decide later to include information that was omitted in a previous draft. There are also several free online text editors that will save changes for you on the fly to review later if keeping multiple files of the same paper seems too chaotic to manage.


#2 “ Be Genuine and Unique


Clichéd phrases and sentiments are killers on med school essays. Your future academic leaders read more than enough papers about how students love medicine or want to help and heal people. These sentiments are obvious. It is perfectly fine (and even encouraged) to get more personal. Move beyond the what (I want to help people…) and focus more on the why. Briefly tell your backstory in a way that is designed to inspire.


#3 “ Be Succinct


The goal of this paper is to present enough of a picture of yourself as a worthy candidate for one of a very small number of openings. Think of this paper regarding marketing. Make your strongest statements in the first sentence of every paragraph and provide just a few follow-up sentences to reinforce your key points. Keep the narrative flowing and don’t spend too much time on just one point or idea.

#4 “ Adhere to the Word Count


If you are asked to write 500 words or fewer, you should aim for between 485 and 500 words. Going too far over count could halt your paper from even being read, as can be too far below. The idea behind word counts is to see how well you follow directions and how capable you are of working within the confines of very specific rules and guidelines. This is an area where you do not want to disappoint.

#5 “ Format Your Essay Correctly


After writing scores of academic papers, you will find that you have now come around full-circle. Think back to the five-paragraph essays you wrote in grade school and high school. The format and style of your personal statement will almost always be at least basically the same. The perfect format (unless otherwise directed) will look something like this:


  • Paragraph #1: Deliver a concise, attention-getting introduction with a clear thesis statement.
  • Paragraphs #2-4: Tell the meat of your story. Emphasize your knowledge and experience and showcase your best attributes and accomplishments to date
  • Paragraph #5: Summarize your key points, reiterate your thesis in the context of your argument for acceptance and verbalize your commitment to the challenges that lie ahead.

The above is just a thumbnail sketch of how to develop a winning medical school essay. If you find that you need help completing the process, keep in mind that there are many avenues of help, like EssayPro, to which you have access. Don’t stress over the task to the point of failure. Seek assistance if you need it “ there is too much at stake to leave getting accepted to chance.