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Workplace stress and personal injury

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Workplace stress have been causing many problems for both the employees and the businesses. It causes physical and mental problems for the employees. Businesses are losing lots of money because of absent and unproductive employees, which is caused by workplace stress.


The typical reasons that cause work-related stress include work overload, lack of support, too little work, inadequate training, poor working environment, poor working relationships and personal factors. Such work related stress can cause problems in the working life of the employees. Such stress can also pressurize other aspects of an employee's life.

Absenteeism causes lots of damage to businesses and they also lose money worth billions because of absenteeism. Psychological presentism is another dangerous event that causes businesses loss of productivity and money. Psychological presentism and absenteeism, both are associated with stress, depression and anxiety. Because of under performance and extended length of recovery time, psychological presentism is costing businesses more money.

Stress and personal injury

Stress and the associated reasons may result in personal injury in workplaces. When you are not able to concentrate and when you are not alert because of stress, depression or anxiety or because of a combination of all of them, the possibility of accidents increases and as a result, possibility of personal injury also increases.

The possibility of personal injury claim also increases when the employee is in stress. The employer and the managers need to provide a safe environment at work. If an employee suffers from depression resulting from stress at work and no outside factors contribute to that illness, and the manager did not do anything even after knowing about it, when the condition worsens, the possibility of a personal injury claim increases. That is why it is very important for the manager and the employers to look into stress, depression and anxiety issues of the employees so that such issues can be rectified before they can seriously affect the health of the employee.

Since the employer can assume that his employees are able to withstand the normal pressure of the job, it is important to inform him about anything out of the line. The employer can also take anything told to him by staff at face value and so it becomes important for both the employees and the managers to stay open about issues related to mental health. If the automation has a positive working culture, the employees can approach the manager and discuss any issues related to mental health. In that case, an employee and the manager can sit down, discuss, and plan to take the necessary steps to reduce the possibility of increasing work-related stress due to work pressure and other reasons.


Personal injury and personal injury claims can be prevented if proper care is taken at the right time. Prevention is more important for successful stress management. Training may also be necessary for the employees and the manager to ensure that they can handle pressure and stress better. When the managers and the employees have the necessary skills and knowledge, they will be able to manage stress better and that will ensure that there is no personal injury and there is no loss to the business in any form.

Both the managers and the employees have their responsibility in doing so. The managers need to protect the health and safety of the staff. There has to ensure that the workers are protected from physical and mental harm. The employees needs to be responsible, open and honest with the managers regarding their physical and mental health so that the managers and the employers know what steps to be taken to eliminate such physical and mental health issues.

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