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Can your medical condition cause a bad personal injury?

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Some of the common medical conditions can result in personal injury. It is more common in case of people driving because such medical conditions can impair your driving skills. Such medical conditions include impaired vision, sleeping disorders, seizures, dementia and other such illnesses, which can cause bad personal injury.


Hearing loss

Even though hearing loss will not disqualify you from being able to drive, but it can result in personal injury from accidents. Some researchers found that totally deaf drivers have higher risk of accidents. Drivers who all losing their hearing, but are not taking any medical help are more likely to become dangerous in comparison to someone who is totally deaf. It happens because they are not likely to take help of other sensory organs while driving. That's why, if you are suffering from hearing loss, even though it is very minimal, you should see a doctor and make yourself and others safe on the road.


This is self -explanatory. If you do not have adequate vision, how can you drive anything? You are more likely to cause an accident, if you do not have adequate vision. You need at least 20 /40 vision in just one eye. If you wear glasses, that is not a problem unless you are almost blind. If you have problem with your peripheral visions, it is more likely that it will limit your driving ability.


People who suffer from arthritis may be involved in accidents that can cause different types of personal injuries. If you have severe arthritis, it may not be possible for you to drive safely. Due to arthritis, your movement is affected and you may not be able to react as quickly as you should. If that happens, it may result in an accident which may cause personal injury. If you need to quickly brake while driving or turn your neck to check of the oncoming traffic, it may not be possible for you if you have arthritis. Since this disease limits your physical movement, it can cause higher possibility of an accident.


If you are taking some medications which are affecting your mental or physical state, you have to be careful because otherwise it may result in accidents. Even prescription medicines may also have side-effects such as drowsiness and sleepiness. Both these conditions can be very dangerous for a driver and people on the road. You can talk to your doctor and find out if driving after taking a prescription medicine is safe or not. Probably it is better to stop driving after taking such medicines or changing your job for some time may also be very useful and safe for you and other people.

Alertness and consciousness

Medical conditions can affect your alertness and consciousness. Mental conditions can also do that. If you have diseases like diabetes, sleep disorders or epilepsy, such medical problems can make you lose consciousness and if that happens when you are driving, that can be a big problem. In case of a diabetic person, if the blood sugar levels drop low, he/she may lose consciousness. Other mental disabilities like anxiety, dementia and depression can also cause personal injury from accidents because the driver may not be able to think clearly. Even temporary symptoms can also cause such accidents. Any mental condition that causes stress, confusion and problem in remembering, can result in personal injury from accidents. You need to see a doctor if you have any such problem, even though they may be very temporary in your case.

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