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Ketogenic diet for women

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There is a big question of whether ketogenic diet work for women or not. Ketogenic diet has become popular among people because it helps in losing fat and weight and it works. If you're trying to lose weight, ketogenic diet can help you to do that which some changes to your existing lifestyle.

It works

Ketogenic diet also works for women like it does for men. It may be a little different and you can make some changes if necessary but it works for both men and women. Even if some changes may be necessary in some cases, it is possible to make it less grouchy.

Some tips

Eat yogurt– even though the ketogenic diet may say no to yogurt, but as a woman you need to consume yogurt because it will help you to balance the beneficial bacteria in your vagina. So, you can always add some yogurt to your ketogenic diet.

Cranberry supplements– cranberry supplements are also necessary for you because it will keep you away from urinating tract infections. You can take a cranberry supplement every day. If some carbs are added with it, that should be okay for you.

During periods– when you are on your periods, and you crave for something sweet, you can go for a handful of dark chocolate chips. Find one that has the least carbs. There are different milk chocolate Almond bars, enhanced dark chocolate bars and other such sweets are available which contain the lowest amount of carbs possible. During this time, you should avoid meat because that takes more energy to digests. Instead of that, you can consume broth, sugar free Jell-O and vegetables. It can be difficult for you to digests meat during this time and if that is the case, you should always avoid it. You should not weigh yourself during your period.

Watch your estrogen– while following a ketogenic diet the oestrogen levels may fall for some women. Many people believe that the levels drop because we are used to eating oestrogen inducing hormone through processed soy and when you stop it you suddenly become deficient in oestrogen. You should not worry about this because your body will automatically fix this problem on its own.

Watch your calories-if you are following a ketogenic diet, sometimes you may not be getting enough calories and you even don't realise that. If you are not eating enough, you should be worried about that. Watch how many calories you are consuming and if you're not consuming enough, you will need to increase the number of calories. If you are eating less calories than necessary, it will hurt your metabolism.

Check your pH levels– as a woman, your pH levels are very important for you. You need to ensure that your pH levels are within the range. Some women may need to drink lemon water every day to ensure that they are keeping the pH levels within the safe range.

Check the proteins– women do not burn as much protein as men when exercising and at rest and so you do not need as much protein as men. Reduce your protein intake by consulting a dietician so that you are within limits while going for a keto diet.

Take omega-3– it is very important for you to take omega-3 fatty acids. It is okay if you are taking some supplements or capsules. Omega-3 is very important for you during this time and so you need to ensure that you are getting enough supplies.


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