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Why Building Muscle Is the Best Way to Burn Fat

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There are lots of myths about weight loss and muscle building that make it difficult to understand just what you need to do to be healthy. The idea that building muscle will make you bulky is generally incorrect. There are many ways to build and tone muscle, and not all will add bulk. Building and maintaining muscle can actually help you create a leaner shape. By increasing your muscle mass will give you a higher baseline metabolic rate, and ultimately burn fat more efficiently and get the trim shape you are looking for.

Muscle Burns Calories

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Muscle burns more calories than body fat. This is true whether you’re working out or you’re simply at rest. During a rest day, 10 pounds of muscle will quietly and efficiently burn a whopping 50 calories with no effort at all on your part. During that same day, 10 pounds of body fat will burn just 20 calories. You can more than double your calorie burn by converting your pounds from fat to muscle.

When working out, make sure to target the largest muscle groups in the body, which include the chest, legs, back and abs. By focusing on these areas, you will get the most out of your workout and you can effectively build large muscles that will do the most to up your calorie burn.

Muscle Prefers Calories From Fat

Burning calories doesn’t always translate to burning fat. As your body warms up during exercise, you tend to burn carbohydrates first. If you increase the intensity of the workout, you’ll gradually move into the coveted fat burning zone. Maintaining the right pace will help you sustain fat burning throughout your workout, but this requires a careful balance that’s not always easy to sustain.

Weight training to burn muscle is a more efficient long-term strategy for achieving high fat burn. Though you burn primarily carbohydrates during your weight training exercise, your muscles will continue to burn calories while they’re at rest. During this time, the muscles typically draw on calories from fat. So you’ll burn carbs as you work out but enjoy fat burn the rest of the time.

A Stronger Body Will Power Through Your Workouts

Building muscle is a long-term effort that requires continuous work. While you maintain your strength training workout, you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of strong, healthy muscles. This includes less arthritis pain, better bone density, and higher endorphin levels. With powerful toned muscles, you’ll have the strength you need to keep up with your workout regimen. If you stop strength training, however, your muscles will gradually shrink, and fat will begin taking the place of your lean muscle tissue.

Building muscle will effectively burn fat every day as long as you put in the effort to maintain those muscles. Though this might be difficult at first, as your muscles strengthen, maintaining a lean athletic body will become easier. You can thus enjoy the benefits of fat-burning muscles all the time.

If you’re looking for an effective way to increase your health, trim fat, and sculpt the body you want, building muscle is an efficient place to start.