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Natural insomnia aids

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Instead of using medicines to get sleep when you suffering from insomnia, you can always go for the natural ways of fighting insomnia. Let’s find out more about some natural insomnia aids which will help you to sleep better and more.

Soothing music

Soothing music can help you to have a deep sleep. If you are finding it difficult to fall asleep, you should listen to a calming, soft music which will help you to doze off. Society found that when you listen to music before going to bed, it improves your sleep quality. Find something which is soothing for you and also ensure that it is set to turn off after some time.

Power down an hour before sleep

You cannot simply fall asleep as and when you want to. It is not like an on and off switch. Your body needs some time to unwind and ready itself for sleep. You can use a power down hour to get better sleep. During the first 20 minutes, you can do things that you must complete before bedtime which may include washing your face, brushing your teeth. Then you can span the next 20 minutes for getting dressed for bed. For the rest 20 minutes you need to lie in the bed quietly and meditate. This is a process which will make it easier for you to fall asleep without any problem. During the last 20 minutes while meditating, you can focus on the rhythm of your breathing. During this time, also eliminate any type of negative thoughts that might creep in.

Relax in a rocking chair

If you have a rocking chair, you can use it to have a better sleep. When you rock gently back and forth, it helps you to fall asleep. This is a trick which has been used for babies for a long duration. It also works for adults. A study found that the participants of the study fell asleep faster when they napped in a hammock like bed. They also had more sound sleep. This gentle swinging sensation is helpful for you because it primes brain activity that fosters deep sleep. So if you have a hammock or a rocking chair, use it to cure your insomnia. It may take some time but it will help you if you do it regularly.

Some yoga before bed

If you practice some gentle yoga before bedtime, that will help you to sleep more peacefully and easily. Just a few moves for 15 minutes will help you to sleep faster. Shoulder rolls, neck rolls, arm and back stretches are some of the movements which can be done on the bed itself. It will help your muscles and win before you lie down. However, you should be careful to go slow as you don’t want to increase your heart rate but one to prepare your muscles and your body for a good night’s sleep.

Count sheep

The age-old method of counting sheep will help you to fall asleep and get rid of your insomnia problem. If your mind tries to race as soon as you get down sleeping, you need to distract yourself from it because otherwise it will cause insomnia. You can count down sheep from 300 in multiples of three. This is a complicated calculation for your mind and so you need to use your mind and head. It will force your brain to focus on something and will distract you from negative thoughts. And it works all the time. People have been using it for ages with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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