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Tips for fighting insomnia

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Don't force it

If you're not feeling sleepy, you should not try to force it. When you try to do that, nothing good happens. You cannot force yourself to go to sleep. You can force yourself to go to the bed but you cannot fall asleep when you are not sleepy.

Prepare a cool and dark bedroom

If you want to have very good sleep, you need to make your bedroom cool and dark. With the onset of sleep, your body temperature decreases because blood flow to the skin increases and dispersing heat in the environment. When you are sleeping in a hot bedroom, it will be very difficult to fall asleep because it will increase your core body temperature. That's why; you need to make your bedroom cool. You also need to make the bedroom dark because artificial light will hamper your sleep. Even small amounts of light can be detrimental to a sound night's sleep. You can use blackout shades and also cover the front lights in the bedroom. You can also use an eye mask to avoid too much of light into your eyes.

Eat more crabs at dinner

Sleep is regulated by a neurotransmitter known as melatonin which is synthesised by the pineal gland in the brain. It needs tryptophan, an amino acid, as the raw material for production of the neurotransmitter. When you eat more carbohydrate, more tryptophan becomes available to the pineal gland. That's why you should eat a crab rich meal before you go to bed so that you can fall asleep faster. If you eat a high glycaemia crab, it may help you to fall asleep faster. People suffering from insomnia should look at their diet and add more crabs at dinner. This is a very simple yet effective method. You should not eat more proteins at dinner because it may reduce the availability of tryptophan. Availability of the amino acid decreases because other amino acids compete for transport across the blood brain barrier to the pineal gland.

Stress management


If you're very much stressed, it will be very difficult for you to fall asleep and even if you do that, the quality of your sleep won't be good. That's why, it's very necessary that you keep stress away during the day. You cannot sleep properly at night because you do not know how to turn off your brain. If you are very busy and stressed during the day, it may be very difficult to keep those thoughts away when you are sleeping. You have a sympathetic nervous system called as fight or flight mode. During the day, you survive with this mode. However, if this is consistently activated during the day, you may not be able to switch it off and switch to parasympathetic or rest and digests mode. And if you can switch to this mode, you may not be able to sleep properly.

If you can manage your stress, it will be possible to shift to parasympathetic mode by activating it. There are different types of stress management methods available which you can apply in your life. Yoga and meditation are very useful in managing stress. They also help to improve your sleep and eliminate insomnia. If you relax during the day, it's more likely that you're going to have a good night's sleep. So, at meditation and yoga to your daily life and besides improving your sleep also get the other physical benefits that meditation and yoga has to offer to you. Exercising regularly will also help you to relax and at the same time will help you to sleep better because you are exhausted.



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