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Why Use Saliva For Hormone Testing ?

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Did you know there are close to 100 different hormones in the human body?  The complex process of balancing these different hormones and ensuring the body functions as it should is effectively controlled by your brain, although there are many processes which are largely autonomous.

There are times in life when the hormones become imbalanced. In women the decrease of estrogen and the ability to become pregnant happens in their 40's or 50's. During this stage hormones can vary significantly from their usual levels.

Men on the other hand will experience a gradual decrease of hormones, particularly testosterone, from the age of 30. This is a more gradual effect.

There are also times when your hormones are too high or low because of illness or other issues. This is why it is important to have regular hormone testing completed. You can find out all about the testing procedure if you click here.

Why Saliva?

There are several ways to collect fluid samples and assess them for hormone levels and even toxins. Saliva is one, blood is another and even your urine can be tested. However, saliva is the preferred method for these reasons:

  • Accuracy

Tests are designed to study the amount of hormones available in your body for use by your organs. If you test the blood the result will vary according to where it is in your body and which organs have used the hormones.

In contrast saliva contains steroid hormones which, thanks to a chemical process, are effectively unavailable to the body. This means you will have a highly accurate test.

  • Convenience

It is very easy to spit into a tube; this can be done at the doctor's surgery, at home or anywhere else. It takes just a few seconds, you can then seal the saliva into the tube and drop it off or even post it to the right address.

Not only does salvia keep well without being kept cool, it is also exceptionally easy to provide a sample at exactly the same time every day. This is important as daily changes can make a significant impact on the treatment you receive.

  • Insurance

If you have medical insurance you will almost certainly find that it covers the cost of hormone testing via saliva. If you need a multitude of tests this could save you a huge amount  of money; the insurance company will pay for it all.

This is not always the case with other hormone tests; it will depend on the reason for the test.

  • Relevance

Hormones in your saliva are currently active in your body and this is important. It is possible that you have stores or a specific hormone which you are not currently using. A test which includes these will make you appear to have elevated hormone levels. In contrast the actual test of your saliva will give a relevant reading which medical professionals can use to treat you effectively and efficiently.

You can commission your own hormone test or have one done through the doctor; they don't mind which.