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How To Honor Your Loved Ones Wishes When Planning Their Funeral

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Nothing is as painful as losing a loved one. Your whole world may come to a standstill as you visualize what you are going to do without that special person in your life. You may lose the desire to live yourself as a result of the heartache and sorrow of losing your loved one. Whether it is a spouse, a family member or a friend, death hurts just as much, and life to those left behind may never be the same again. The only thing they can do is to give those who have departed a fitting send-off. This piece highlights how individuals can honor their loved ones when planning their funeral.

Incorporate Family Traditions

If there was something that you used to do together with the departed member, then you should incorporate this activity into the funeral arrangements. If there was a special meal that you took together with the departed loved one, the same meal should be prepared when you meet for the funeral. If there was a game that you played together that the departed member excelled in, you should play that game in memory of him or her. These memories will help those gathered for the funeral to remember your loved one and this will go a long way to honor the departed member.

Honor Your Loved Ones Wishes

You also have to honor your loved ones wishes if you want to give them a befitting send-off. If your loved one wished to be cremated upon his or her death, then those planning the funeral must make sure that this wish is honored. You can invite a few people to the cremation process and take the ashes to the mass for the final ceremony. If the departed member had other wishes other than this, those left behind must try their best to ensure the wishes are honored as this is the only way to give the departed ones a good send off.

Try and Incorporate Laughter

Funerals are sad affairs and the mood will be somber as people mourn the department. Those planning the funeral should, therefore, try to incorporate some laughter so as to uplift the service and to lighten the mood. A little bit of laughter, is particularly important if the departed member was a cheerful person with a good sense of humor. Laughter should be used selectively and not throughout the entire the whole ceremony.

Set Up a Memory Table

Those planning the funeral should set up a memory table with some of the items that the loved one appreciated and used over the years. The memory table should also have pictures of the loved one at different stages of their life. The pictures should also portray the milestones of the loved one such as their graduation and the day he or she got married.

Losing a loved one is very painful. Those left behind should give the departed members a memorable send off and the above tips will help in that regard.