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Are You Ready to Get Healthy? Health Tech and the iPhone 7 Plus

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It can be a challenge to get healthy. Eating right, being more active and keeping track of it all takes some work. Smartphone apps take the work out of it, but depending on your strategies for getting fit, you could end up with a different app for every effort. While using various apps will work, some smartphones make your health information more accessible, and Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is one of the best.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Health App

The iPhone 7 Plus comes equipped with an app called Health, and it is one of the best tools out there to get healthy. You can use the app to track your weight, dietary calories and activity as well as your workouts and walking distance. When you open it up, you see a dashboard of all the metrics that matter most to you (once you configure it). It works well for tracking weight loss, building muscle mass and training for a marathon, but those benefits are only just the beginning.

The Health app on Apple iPhone 7 Plus can also track your fitness efforts automatically. While some of this is merely syncing the apps you use to support your health goals, Health can do much more when you choose connected devices. Here are some of the best health technologies that work with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Connected Bathroom Scales

The iPhone will keep track of your weight automatically when you use a linked bathroom scale like Withings. Just connect the two devices and weigh yourself like normal. Whether you hop on once a day, once a week or once a month, the Health app will track your weight progress.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch also deserves mention. In addition to showing the time and displaying notifications, the smartwatch can help support your fitness goals by tracking your heart rate. The best part? It does so automatically and in the background, so you don't have to do anything to start monitoring your heart rate.

Pulse Oximeters

The Health app on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus also supports oximeters like Masimo’s MightySat. Oximeters measure the oxygen saturation in your blood and take your pulse. The MightySat uses this information to mark changes in your breathing, measure your body's hydration, and account for the effort you expend breathing.

Smart Cycling

You can also enjoy smart cycling trackers like Smart Halo when you use the Health app on your iPhone 7 Plus. SmartHalo and intelligent cycling devices like it clip to your bicycle and offer tons of benefits for fitness tracking and more. It provides navigation and directions as well as distance tracking. The Smart Halo also acts as a bike alarm and lights up when the sun sets.

Sleep Monitors

There are also sleep monitors that will sync with the Health app. The Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor is a thin sensor you place under your mattress. It senses when you lay down and begins tracking your sleep quality immediately. The Beddit 3 collects data on your sleep time, movement, snoring, temperature, respiration and more. It also has a built-in SmartAlarm that determines the best time to wake you based on your sleep cycle.

Getting fit is hard, but choosing the right health technology makes it easy. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus can support your goals with its Health app and all the devices that sync to the program.