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Why should you try kettlebells?

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The following reasons will help you to understand why you need to start using a kettlebell.

Lose more weight in less time

Kettlebells will help you to lose more weight in less time. They will tighten and tone your whole body. When you perform kettle bell exercises, the movements in them will help you by burning lot of calories. It’s like running a six minute mile when you compare the calories burned during your kettlebell workout session.

You can get a celebrity body

Kettlebells will help you to get a body that you always wanted. If you are worried about using weights because they will make you look like big huge bodybuilders, then you can always go for kettle bells because they will help you to get a great body without making you look like bodybuilders. There are many celebrities who love kettle bells such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Cattrall, Penelope Cruz and Kim Basinger.

You will work on more muscles

If you take one or a few sessions with a certified trainer, you will be able to learn the right ways of using a kettle bell. It is important to learn the proper forms before you start swinging the kettle bells. Kettlebells offer you three-dimensional movements and if you do not learn how to use it, you are missing out some of the incredible movements. You are also losing the effect of such exercises on your body if you’re not performing them.

Kettlebells also ensure that you create and control the momentum. You can swing the ball in different patterns and you also control the movement of the bell by changing directions. These exercises will help you to tap into big powerhouse muscles and smaller stability muscles during the workouts. It is very important for you to start with your total body warmup and perform some of the exercises like shoulder rolls, lunges, squats, push-ups, plank holds and jumping jacks before you start your kettlebell exercises.

Better posture

When you are using kettle bells, your posture will improve. Because you are using different muscle groups in conjunction, so, you will need to use your cold to stabilize different movements. It is very important to keep your back and abs straight in whatever exercise you’re doing with the kettle bells. If you are not able to hold onto the kettle bells securely and your arms are shaking excessively in any position means you need to stop your workout.

Easier daily activities

Kettlebells will help you to go for a functional workout which means you will work on your muscles which will be similar to the effects of everyday activities. It’s not as heavy as the weights but still it will help you to improve your body. You will feel like you are doing the daily activities but you are gaining more through this exercises.

You will realize you have more strength

When you keep going on with your kettle bell exercises, you will find out that you are actually stronger than you thought. If you are switching to kettle bells, you can always start with 15 pounder and 25 to 30 pounder even though you have not used a dumbbell heavier than 5 pounds before. Once you learn how to use the kettle bell, it will be easier for you to use heavier weights when the power is coming from your legs. If you are using your arms in the exercise, you can always use a lighter weight for such exercises. If you are combining momentum with strength, you will be able to use more weight than you previously did or thought possible for you.


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