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How to prevent tennis elbow

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It is possible to prevent tennis elbow if you know how to do that. Let’s find out how you can prevent tennis elbow.

Physical conditioning

You will need to condition the muscles in your forearm regularly. If it is possible you should do it daily because then with the right conditioning, the risk of having tennis elbow will reduce drastically.

Avoid repetitive tasks

If you want to prevent tennis elbow formation, you will need to avoid repetitive tasks. If you are starting any new exercise, especially if you are playing something after a long gap, you should take it easy. If there is lots of movement of your arm, you should be very careful with your arm. Give it a few weeks and practice slowly so that you get enough time to build your strength and form back. Never hurry to reach a position where you wear long time back.

Take breaks

If you are doing anything physical that involves movement of your arm, you should take rest in between. It is very important for your arm to get some rest. You cannot simply push it to complete whatever you are doing. If your arm is sore, then you will need to apply some ice on the pain to get relief. If the work that you are doing right now needs continuous wrist extension, you should be very careful because it may stress your extensor tendon, which is one of the most common causes of tennis elbow. If it is possible for you, switch arms while doing whatever you are doing. If you are playing something, then also you can take breaks in between.

Perform forearm exercises

If you perform forearm exercises, it will help you to strengthen your forearms and the muscles. Wrist flexion and extension exercises are good for you because they target the muscles in your forearm. Such exercises will also help you to get rid of any possible problems resulting from continuous use of your arm. When the muscles are strengthened with regular exercises, the possibility of tennis elbow will reduce.

Warmup and stretch

Both warmup and stretch our very important for you before you do anything. Whether you are playing, lifting weights or doing anything with your forearms, it is very important that you warmup and stretch the muscles before engaging in the activity. Warmup and stretching will get the blood pumping to your muscles and that will help them to become more flexible and as a result your range of motion will improve. Warmup and stretching will reduce the risk of injury. So, next time you start lifting weights or start any game, you should always remember to warmup and stretch your body before actually doing any activity.

Tennis elbow strap

Tennis elbow strips are available in the market and they can help you to get rid of the pain and also prevent possible tennis elbow problem. If you are suffering from tennis elbow, this strap can be helpful to you. It’s like a brace that you wherever below your elbow which will help you to avoid any pain in the forearms. When pressure is added to your tendon, it can reduce pain and so the tennis elbow strap is helpful to you. However, while using it, you should be careful not to strap it too tight because that may stop circulation to your arm.

Technique and form

Whether you are playing or lifting weights, form and technique are very important for you and when you follow them correctly, they can prevent tennis elbow. If your form is wrong or the technique is wrong then you are more likely to suffer from tennis elbow problem.


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