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#Kettlebells and fat burning

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#Kettlebells are one of the hottest fitness trends in the recent time. It’s a popular fitness method and equipment that people love to use. Kettlebells are weighted balls with handles. Originally they were used in Russia.


Today, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, Hollywood celebrities everybody use kettlebells for fitness and fat loss objectives. More and more people are taking up kettlebell workout programs because they are effective and they offer results faster. It helps you to build muscle and stamina besides offering you fitness altogether. This is an intense workout and the results are excellent. You will have a dynamic and whole-body exercise when you use this workout program. It includes cardiovascular, range of motion training and resistance in one workout and so there are different benefits. While using kettlebells, you need to use your core to keep yourself balanced and as a result you work out your core.

Calorie burning

Kettlebell workout is one of the highest calorie burning workouts present today. A study sponsored by the American Council on exercise (ACE) found that people who use kettlebells tend to burn more calories than other people. If they use kettlebells in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), then they burned more calories in a short amount of time due to the intense workout. The study found that participants of the study were able to burn more than 20 calories per minute. The workout lasted for 20 minutes.

Such kettlebell workout may include swinging a kettlebell one-handed or using both the hands and two different kettlebells for each of the hands.


There are several benefits that you will receive by engaging in a kettlebell workout program. They include-

  • Improve health
  • Better fitness
  • Enhanced back health
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Better postural reactions which also help you to avoid any sudden injury
  • Get rid of musculoskeletal pain
  • Reduce pain in the neck, lower back and shoulders

There are several other benefits which kettlebell workouts offer. It will not only increase your aerobic capacity, but it will also offer you an anaerobic workout. This helps your cardiovascular system tremendously. It also builds strength, muscle mass and speed. You don’t have to spend lots of time doing this workout because you can get all the benefits in 20 minutes of work. You don’t have to stay hours in the gym to get the benefits you are looking for. The 20 minutes ago the enough to offer you benefits which an hour running on the treadmill can offer you.

You can start doing the kettlebell exercises anywhere. All you need to do is learn a few basic moves and you can do it yourself. Once you learn the proper form and the techniques, you’ll be able to get the benefits without any injury. You can hire a personal trainer to learn all the moves and correct movements.

They are inexpensive

Kettlebells are inexpensive and you can buy one without making a hole in your pocket. It is comparatively cheaper than the gym equipments that you need to have to have a great body. It is also cheaper because you don’t have to pay for any gym memberships personal trainers continuously. If you are buying a 40 pound kettlebell, then it’s good enough for you, and it will be available for few dollars. You just need to purchase one to go with for several months of training.

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