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How to build muscle naturally

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If you are a skinny guy and it is very difficult for you to build muscle, the following tips will help you. Even if you are not a skinny guy, then also the following tips will ensure that you are building more muscles naturally.

Total-body or split routines are better

Instead of focusing on isolating one muscle group, training your whole body in a single workout or focusing on the upper body in one session and the lower body in another will get you maximum muscle. If you focus on isolated one muscle group, it will take lots of time to grow muscle. When you focus on lifts that need several different muscle groups at once, they will help you to build more muscle. Squats, presses, deadlifts, rows and pullups are such combination exercises which will help you to engage more muscles and thereby create a bigger volume.

Reduce your cardio

If you are not gaining muscles are probably you are doing too much of cardio. When you perform too much cardio, it will eat your muscles. Your cardio sessions should not exceed 30 minutes and it should not be more than 2 to 3 days every week. If you are trying to lose fat, you can do that by performing sprint intervals.

Eat more protein

Since protein is the building block of your muscles, you will need more protein to build more muscle. You need to find out the amount of calories you are consuming and you will need to add 500 more calories to that number. You will need to consume that many calories if you want to build more muscles. You will need about 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight to build more muscles.

Stretching is important

Even though it may seem like stretching is not necessary for building muscle, the truth is quite different. You will need stretching for building muscles. You can try different types of stretches. You can go for static stretching where you hold a position for some time or you can go for dynamic stretching in which you move fluidly in and out of positions. Even getting massages will also help you. Stretching will ensure that you are flexible all the time. It will also prevent injury and improve recovery between workouts.

Drink shakes

Shakes are important for you when you are trying to build muscle. Nutrition is very important for you for growing more muscle. We can start your morning with a high protein and carbohydrate meal before your workout. You will need a protein shake to supply you with more protein. The protein shake should contain a ratio of 2 g of carbs for 1 g of protein. You can sip this shake while working out. After your workout, you can drink another shake because it will help you to get the necessary proteins faster than any other food.

Perform the right reps

There is a rep range which will help you to build most muscle. We should never perform more than 20 sets per muscle group and if you can limit it to 12 that is the best way to do this. The number of reps should be within 6 to 12 per set. Your workout also should not be more than 45 minutes. That will help you to build most muscle. It is more important to use heavier weights and also to control your movement while performing different sets.

Rest and recovery are important

Both rest and recovery are important for you to build more muscle. Eight hours of sleep is necessary for you and you should not train more than four times every week.

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