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Brisk Walking For Ten Minutes Daily Protects the Heart

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Brisk Walking For Ten Minutes Daily Protects the HeartIt isn’t the period of time spent sitting that creates issues. Rather it’s the extent of bodily activity like brisk walking that’s most important in lowering the risk of elderly females who have developed cardiovascular disorders, as shown in a new Örebro study released in PLOS ONE.

According to Fawzi Kadi, Professor at Örebro University, We have studied women over 65 as they are among the least active groups of the population, at the same time as they run a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease

A sedentary lifestyle is related to disease risks like diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. But the Örebro study suggests that it’s the amount of physical activity everyday that’s relevant to a person’s wellbeing. According to Andreas Nilsson, researcher at Örebro University, The study shows how important it is to encourage more physical activity. We are not talking slow everyday pace, but at least one brisk walk or other physical activity requiring some exertion.

Benefits of Brisk Walking

Around 120 females took part in the Örebro study. All of them had a medical examination and for one week, their physical activities were measured by an accelerometer.

The results could well apply to different groups in view that they’re in line with a meta-analysis of prior research centered on one million men and women, which indicated that physical activity instead of sedentary behaviour influences the risk of mortality. Fawzi Kadi commented, Our study points in the same direction — that the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle decrease with the extent of physical activity.

Which means that, if one individual is running while the other is doing much less strenuous exercises, the first person runs a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disorders than the second, regardless of the extent of their sedentary lifestyles. Andreas Nilsson concludes, Getting up once in a while is naturally a good thing, but doing more exercise is better for our health.

Brisk walking indeed has many benefits according to recent studies. One study among cancer patients have found out that physical activity can greatly improve quality of life and increase lifespan.

Want to do brisk walking? First, make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and clothes as you go outdoors. If it is cold outside, wear clothes that you can remove layer after layer when you feel warmer as you exercise. Stay safe and avoid walking on rough roads, thick bushes or dark places. Bettter yet, walk with family members or friends during daytime only.

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