Most common motorcycle accidents

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    A motorcycle accident may be of different types and it may involve different reasons, but there are some common motorcycle accidents that are seen in general. When you know about them, it will become easier for you to avoid them. Such common motorcycle accidents include the following-


    A car turns left in front

    Sometimes a car may suddenly turned left in front of your bike and that can result in a motorcycle accident. Sometimes a car may not see you or may judge your speed incorrectly and in that case, it may turn in front of you. People blame different things for such actions like blind spots, psychology, destruction, inattention etc.

    Hitting gravel in a blind corner

    If you hit gravel in a corner, it may cause an accident because you may skid or slide. Sometimes when you take a unsuspecting but blind corner and you suddenly see a patch of gravel or sand in front of you and once your front tire goes in it, you cannot control your bike and the you have an accident. Leaves and horse dung and other such things can also cause such problems.

    Locked front brake

    If you suddenly lock your front brake, you are going to be thrown out of your motorcycle. Sometimes due to different reasons, you may brake hard and that can cause a motorcycle accident. If there is a deer, beautiful girl, cop or even if the traffic stops suddenly, you may have to use your front brake and if you use it very hard, it will throw you out of the motorcycle. So, be careful with the front brake.

    A car changes lane

    Sometimes a car from another lane can suddenly come to the space you occupying and can brush against you. There may be a psychological reason for it. The tiny motorcycle you are riding can fit into blind spots and the car driver coming in from another lane may not see you because they are not programmed to see motorcycles, but cars.

    Your riding buddies are idiots

    If you are riding with idiots, accident may happen at any time. Because the idiots, they will do things they should never do while driving and that will cause accident which may involve you as well along with them. That is why, you have to choose your riding buddies carefully likely choose your friends carefully. Sometimes in a group of riders a rider suddenly stops and another guy from behind hits him at speed. This has happened before and it may happen with you as well. So, be careful and do not ride with idiots.

    A car opened its door

    Sometimes when you see a gap in traffic and you take your motorcycle through that opening, someone may suddenly open a car door. It is more common between a line of parked cars and a stationary line of active traffic. It happens because there are idiots in this world. People do not follow the rules and the common sense. So, they suddenly open the doors of the cars without even thinking what may happen to other people, cars or motorcycles.

    A car hits from behind

    This is another common reason of a motorcycle accident. Sometimes you stop your motorcycle at a stop sign or at an intersection or at a cross walk and suddenly a car from behind hits you. Sometimes you may have to stop your bike because of some other reasons. And a car driver who doesn't see you in front, plows into you at high speed. This is a common problem and it's difficult to predict.

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