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The most common car crash injuries

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Car accidents can cause different types of injuries in various parts of your body depending on the crash and the severity of the impact. There are few most common car crash injuries which are often seen in case of car accidents.


Brain and head injuries

Sometimes in a car accident, people in it may suffer from brain and head injuries. That may be a mild concussion or it may be a traumatic brain injury at the extreme level. The two impact of the cars. Sometimes the brain may be jostled inside the skull in such an accident. Head injuries can be dangerous and so more care is needed to find out if there is any head and brain injury in an accident.

Back injuries

Back injuries are another type of common car crash injuries. Because of the impact of an accident, different back injuries may happen. Such injuries may include sprain, fracture, strain, thoracic spine injury, disc injury, lumbar spine injury and lumbar radiculopathy. In some cases of serious back injuries, the symptoms may need some time to show up and they may not show initially at the time of the accident. Such injuries may be long-lasting and as a result of that pain and discomfort may be present for a long time.

Neck injuries

Neck injuries are also common in car accidents. It may be mild like whiplash and neck strain but it may also be serious injuries such as cervical radiculopathy and disc injury. Many neck injuries may not show up initially, at the time of the accident, but they may appear later after some time. Such injuries may also cause long-lasting pain and discomfort if the damage is serious.

Face injuries

This is another of the common car crash injuries. Due to the impact of the accident, different types of face injuries may happen. Steering wheel, airbag, dashboard, side window, windshields, shattered glass, car seats or anything else may result in face injuries. Such injuries may be severe or mild. Mild face injuries include scrapes and bruises. Severe face injuries may include laceration and fractures. Sometimes temporomandibular disorders of the jaw and dental injuries may also happen because of face injuries in an accident.

Psychological injuries

Most of the injuries caused by car accidents are physical in nature, but it doesn't mean that car accidents cause only physical damage. There is another very important but not physically visible injury happens in accidents. Psychological injuries that happen during an accident can result in more problems. The accident itself can cause psychological injuries. Severe injuries and loss of life in the accident can also cause psychological injuries. Such psychological injuries include different short and long-term psychological injuries. Mental distress, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD and other search psychological problems may show up after an accident.

Most of the injuries of car accidents are obvious right away, but other injuries may happen which are not very obvious at the time of the accident. They develop slowly after some time. Because of the trauma resulting from the accident, your body produces endorphins which are hormones and which act as painkillers. Because of production of endorphins and excitement, a person may not be able to feel the injuries immediately, but later they may show up. Major accidents generally cause major injuries and minor accidents may result in little or no injury. However, exactly opposite of that may also happen where even in case of serious accidents, the driver and the messengers may walk away unharmed and minor accidents may result in death.

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