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Common Car Crash Injuries Everyone Should Know About

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Here are some of the most common car crash injuries that you should be aware of so that you will know what to expect after a car crash.

Have you experienced being injured in a car accident? If you have, you probably have a lot of things in your mind, such as how severe your injury is and whether it is worth to pursue claims. Whether you have minor injuries or your pain and other symptoms have started some time after the car crash, it may be worth to file a claim.

There are many types of injuries that we usually encounter in the news every now and then. These injuries have signs and symptoms which may not be evident right after the car crash. It may take several days for pain to set in and these signs and symptoms may get worse and may even give rise to other medical complications. For your own safety, you should seek medical help immediately after a car   crash. It's also essential that you file a claim as soon as possible so that your medical care costs can be paid. There are some injuries that do not show up on x-rays and if you don't seek medical help immediately, insurance companies may ignore your claim because your time of suffering has already passed.

Head and Brain Injuries

These injuries can include injuries to the brain, inter-brain hemorrhage, skull fractures or wounds that may require suturing. They are often caused by a sudden blow to the head that may also pierce the skull. This further gives rise to traumatic brain injury (TBI) that may be mild or severe. A mild type of TBI such as a concussion can improve after only a few days while a severe head injury can affect speech, movement, cognition and memory and may even give rise to a coma.

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Neck and Back Injuries

These injuries may include those that damage the spinal cord, whiplash injuries and sprains or strains. The most common of these neck and back injuries is whiplash, which can stretch the neck and then quickly put it into place due to sudden stop or acceleration. This causes damage to the spinal cord, vertebrae, disks and ligaments, further leading to paralysis and the loss of function of other parts of the body. Whiplash injuries can also bring about pain that can last for a lifetime.

Neck injuries may also bring about damage to the larynx or the trachea; if severe, it can cause death.

Burn Injuries

Car crashes can lead to burn injuries which may range from mild to severe. Severe burns may need skin grafts and may result to unsightly scarring.

Chest Injuries

Car crashes can also cause injuries to the ribs and the sternum or the breast bone, especially if the driver or passenger was not using a seatbelt.  These injuries may be avoided nowadays by airbags in steering wheels and dashboards; however there may still be damages such as internal bleeding and fractures. Tears to the diaphragm may also occur and may cause difficulties in breathing.

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Pelvic and Abdominal injuries

Car crashes can bring about hip fractures and injuries to the internal organs located within the abdomen. The most commonly affected organs are the liver, the kidneys and the spleen.

Leg and Foot Injuries

These are often a result of impacts or smashing into a part of the car. There may be resultant wounds or bruises that can be painful and swollen. Much worse, there may even be fractures, either single or multiple. The knees are prone to meniscus tears which are tears within the knee cartilage; this results from the leg being twisted and turned.

The feet as well as the ankles may also get injured with fractures, sprains or strains. Limbs, feet or toes may even be severed, especially in those involving motorcycle accidents.

Soft Tissue Injuries

The body has a lot of soft tissues in the form of muscles, tendons and ligaments which serve to cushion the other parts of the body and protect them against damage. However, these soft tissues can also get damaged and may cause excruciating pain and discomfort.


The bones may be broken during a car crash. Fractures are extremely painful and may require orthopedic surgery; they may also take months to heal.

Whatever your car crash injury is, don't forget to seek medical help immediately after a car crash. Also, don't forget to file the necessary claims.