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Become skinny like a model

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If you want to become skinny and look like a model, there is no shortcut for it. You can become skinny if you follow a few certain tips.


Follow a routine

Follow a routine in case of your diet. It will be easier for you if you eat the same thing every day for breakfast. It may be little difficult for you and so you can make some variations on some days, but if you follow a routine, it will be easier for you to eat some foods and avoid some others. Hot oatmeal, skim milk and raisins can be a good breakfast choice for you because they do not contain unnecessary calories which make you fat and obese. You do not consume extra calories and so you don't have to get rid of them.

Bag your lunch

If you want to grab something on the go, instead of ordering out, you can always bag your lunch. It will save you from unnecessary calories and also from food elements that you want to avoid. When you bag your lunch, you can control what you are eating.

If you need to eat outside, you can always control the portion size. It is possible for you to keep some space in your stomach by not completely filling it. You can also order an appetiser to control your portion size. You should always skip the sauces and tomato in its place. Instead of eating mayo, cream or butter, you can always use all or vinegar.

Use spices in your food. When you eat fibrous foods with spices, it will speed up your metabolism. So, use the red pepper flakes and hot sauce while eating.

Eat green and white

Eating green will help you to become and stay skinny. Eat more green leafy vegetables. You should eat white only if it is protein. You should not eat white process carbohydrates like bread, cookies, pasta, rice, etc. Protein whites like egg whites, turkey, pork, chicken and fish are good for you and you should consume them, because you will need protein.

Regular exercise

If you want to get skinny and stay skinny, you will need to exercise regularly. You don't need to exercise like a bodybuilder but you will need to exercise regularly to improve your metabolism and to keep in shape. Exercising regularly will help you to burn calories and extra fat and tone your body. He can try different types of exercises like yoga, jogging, pilates and anything else that you like.


Snacking is very important if you want to be skinny. Instead of sandwich, chips, you will need to focus more on eating fruits and vegetables. You need to snack on healthy, low-calorie foods. You can choose the foods you want to eat as snacks, but they should always be healthy and low-calorie foods. Granola bar or nuts can save you form hunger. If you eat a banana or drink a bottle of water before dinner, you are likely to eat less and likely to avoid the foods that you should not eat. It will make you feel full and so you will avoid unnecessary calorie dumping. Drinking water is also essential for you because it will keep you hydrated and help you look better.


Supplements may be necessary for you because they will help you to feel and look better. They will help in keeping you in the top physical condition. Fish oil supplements are always good for you because they help you in getting a glowing skin and make you look better. They also help you by increasing your metabolism and keeping a skinny.

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