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How to lose fat faster

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If you want to lose fat faster, the following tips will help you to do so.


Drink mainly water

Stop drinking any other fluids besides water. Stopped drinking that sports energy drink, fruit juice, light beer, fruits smoothie and other such fluids because all of them contain calories. On the other hand, water does not contain any calorie. Water can satisfy your thirst better. Other liquids may also contain high amounts of carbohydrates and sodium, both of which are not good for you when you are trying to lose fat and bodyweight. Sodium and carbohydrate may make your body retain more water, thereby making you look more fat and heavy.

Water is the best slim down drink that you can have. It increases your metabolism and boosts your daily activities and very strangely it helps you to flush out excess water weight. Sometimes you can add little bit of lemon and means leaves to spike it up a little bit.

Regular exercise

If you engage yourself in cardio of 30 minutes daily, it will help you to lose fat faster. Regular exercise is very much necessary to remain fit and toned, and burn more fat and calories. If you do cardio for 30 minutes, it will help you to burn more calories. There are cardio programs that engage multiple muscles. You should choose those programs. A good cardio program can burn 200 to 300 calories within half an hour. It will also tone up your legs, core and arms and you will look slim and tight. It some interval training to your cardio program. That will burn even more calories in every session.

Ban white bread and pasta

If you want to lose fat faster, you will have to be strict and eliminate white bread and pasta completely. Eliminate all white grain products like price, sandwich, spaghetti. It will definitely help you to slim down instantly. The carbs present in such foods will cause bloating and you will look fat and heavy. Since they are digested quickly, so you are likely to feel more hungry and over eat.

To lose fat faster, you will need to replace them with vegetables. Vegetables offer you a complex carbs which are digested slowly and so you can remain full for a longer duration. In that case, you tend to eat less. You can eliminate sandwich from your chicken sandwich and add salad to your chicken. Vegetables also contain lots of water and so they are useful in flushing out excess water weight from your body.

Make a food sacrifice

Since your existing diet habit has caused you to become fat and heavy, so make a food sacrifice. When you eliminate one food from your existing diet, it will help you to lose fat and weight faster. Find the food that is adding more and more calories to your body. It may be the chips or chocolate or desert sweet. Just one sacrifice will help you to reduce several hundred calories from your daily calorie intake. These extra calories, if not eliminated, can turn into flab.

Do some push-ups and lunges

Besides your cardio program, you can also do some push-ups and lunges. It can do them every alternate day. They will help you tremendously by helping you to sculpt your muscles. Push-up is necessary for your upper body and lunges will work on your lower body. Holding weight while doing lunges can help you to add more muscles to your body and to specially your legs. You will burn more calories and at the same time, your body will have lean muscles and will get toned.


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