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Fat burning foods that increase metabolism speed

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The following foods can help you to burn fat and at the same time increase your metabolism. There are not very special foods and they are easily available. You can include them in your diet and get double benefit of fat burning and increase metabolism. Several research have been done to find out what type of fruits help you to increase metabolism and to burn more fat. Since these are easily available, you can always include them in your diet in one form or another.



Tuna contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. It has the capacity to stimulate production of leptin, which is a hormone and can increase the feeling of fullness. That means, you stop eating. At the same time omega-3 fatty acids can increase your metabolism. There are different dishes that you can prepare using Tuna. Salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring are also good sources of this fatty acid. Find several tuna recipes that you like and then rotate them so that you have a regular supply of omega-3 fatty acids to boost your metabolism and to burn more fat.

Rolled oats

Oats can keep you full for a longer duration. This is a whole grain and it will need more energy for digestion. So, your body burns more calories for digestion of oats. There are different types of oats recipes available which are also very tasty. You can always include oats in your breakfast and that will start boosting your metabolism since morning. You can also mix it with other foods. There are different varieties of oats available and you can choose one that you like. Is very easy to prepare and hardly needs few minutes of your time.


Grapefruit is considered as one of the most healthiest fruits. Grapefruit can increase your metabolism and at the same time help you to burn more fat. It contains naringenin, which is an antioxidant that can help you to use insulin more efficiently. That means your blood sugar will be in control and calorie burning will up. Grapefruits can be added to your salads. You can also eat grapefruit as a fruit and mix it with other dishes. It also offers another the health benefits to you. It contains high levels of vitamins C that improves your immune system and it prevents free radical damage, which causes several health problems.

Green tea

Green tea is not only beneficial for burning more fat, but it can also improve your metabolism. It contains epigallocatechin, an element that can stimulate your nervous system. It stimulates your nervous system without increasing your heart rate. If you drink green tea, you can burn more calories. If you combine green tea and exercise, you are likely to burn more calories than people who exercise, but do not drink green tea. You can drink 3 cups of green tea every day to burn 80 calories. If you do not like to drink green tea, you can find some variations and combination with other foods.

Hot peppers

Hot peppers can increase your metabolism. Jalapenos, cayennes, habaneros are some of the hot peppers that you can use in your dishes. They always add fantastic flavour to your food. They contain a chemical known as capsaicin, which can increase your calorie burning. If you have a meal spiced with hot peppers, it can increase your metabolism by 25% for three hours after your meal. This is a very good way to taste great food and at the same time increase your metabolism and burn more fat.


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